Wishbone Grip Review

We choose our reviews in many different ways. But often times it is because the readers want to know about it. When a couple of readers asked us to review this new grip we were a little baffled. It just did not look like it would work for us. But the readers’ spoke so THP listened and we contacted Wishbone Grip to see about taking it for a test run. We will get into our thoughts a little later in the review, but first we want to share with everybody what exactly this is, and how it is supposed to be used.

Here is what the company has to say about the product:

The Wishbone Grip and Wishbone Method will give you the putting stroke taught by today’s top teaching professionals. Use the grip on the course or simply as a training aid. The Wishbone Grip installs on your putter the same way as a traditional grip. The Wishbone Grip Blue is an inch and a half longer than the original Wishbone Grip and about 45% lighter, but it retains the same great feel. Its length accommodates a variety of hand positions if the Wishbone Method is not for you.

The Wishbone Grip and Method will:

Stabilize your hands and wrists and transfer control of the putting stroke to the larger more stable muscles of the chest and torso.

Naturally align your shoulders during the putt, correcting a major cause of missed putts and a reason some people acquire the yips.

End your tendency to clamp down on the grip with your fingers during nervous moments, centering hand contact in the palms and pressure in the pectoral muscles.

Obviously the real question here is despite all the sales pitches, does it work? The answer is a resounding maybe! Here is what we found out. Most people are creatures of habit. So changing anything is rather hard. It is kind of like changing a golf swing. If you do not give in and want it to get better, it will not. We put the Wishbone on a putter locally and also shipped one to one of our members. The feedback was really all over the place.

The member that the grip was sent to liked the look and the feel. However the actual grip motion was causing him some problems. His report is that he will continue to use this grip in a more traditional way.

Locally we had 4 testers use the Wishbone Grip on a putting green for a “challenge session”. After practicing with the grip for five minutes each, all four people said it felt really awkward. We decided to have all four people hit 15 foot putts with this grip and a standard grip 10 balls each and see what happens. Three out of the four people had groupings significantly closer to the hole with the Wishbone than with the traditional grip. In fact one of the testers made 5 out of the 10 with the Wishbone and none with a traditional. Unfortunately for me, I was the one that had zero luck with it. I just could not get speed right although the ball certainly stayed the line a little better.

Overall, I think this device could help most golfers out there. Especially people that really have a hard time with pushing or pulling putts. It just DOES NOT HAPPEN with the Wishbone Grip. Very rarely do amateur players have a solid putting stroke and with a little practice and a change of grip that could be achieved in no time. It is very rare to find a golf item that costs less than $20 (MSRP of $19.95) that could change your game forever. But we think we might have found just that. It is definitely worth giving it a try. For more information on the Wishbone Grip and to see a video on exactly how it works check out Wishbone.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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