WITB Morgan Cup Staff

The Ultimate Amateur Golf Event featured golfers “sponsored” by Cleveland, Callaway and Bridgestone Golf. Each participant had a full 14 club deal as well as staff bag and accessories and as part of the event, they filmed “What’s In The Bag” videos and here they are from each company.

Cleveland Golf

Callaway Golf

Bridgestone Golf

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  • I’m really impressed at how well these all turned out. Building a Morgan Cup bag was one of the coolest things I’ve done. Seeing all the little differences between staffers is definitely interesting.

  • It was great filming all of the videos and seeing all this great gear. The guys really knew everything about their equipment. Some unique bags out there for sure. One person even had a tree wood.

  • This was awesome to have the opportunity to describe our WITB and Frank did a great job of telling us what they needed to see.

    The final product turned out looking very good and I enjoyed watching each of the videos!

  • This has been very fun to watch. The guys did an amazing job

  • Simply Awesome!

  • Every sponsor just stepped up and delivered. Then the boys redelivered. Those were much more than witb vids. That was a lesson in knowing, loving and living the experience. Well done fellas!

  • Everyone did an amazing job! Way to represent guys!

  • Great job on the WITB, you all did an awesome job repping your sponsors

  • Fantastic promos everyone. The variety of clubs is astounding.

  • great job Morgan Cuppers! i think we all did fantastic in front of the camera.
    some awesome looking setups in those awesome bags for a bunch of awesome dudes.
    oh yeah…great job FrankA. you’re the man!

  • Loved watching the WITB videos! Great job guys.

  • Great stuff guys. Everyone did an amazing job!

  • Great job by all 24 staffers. You repped your companies well! Thank you to Callaway, Cleveland/Srixon, and Bridgestone for giving them this opportunity!

  • Great job guys! Way to represent your brand and good overview of the bags. Note to the editor: (I know I nitpick alot lol) Maybe breaking up videos to individual level to just having that option would be good. Would help me remember who is who if the video is labeled Tnolan – Cleveland WITB. Just a thought. Otherwise great job.

  • My Callaway bag is full of some awesome equipment that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I hope the 23 others were able to put together a set they are happy with as well and are able to keep their bag steady for a while.

    I loved watching all of the videos and think everyone did an excellent job.

  • An amazing job by all 24 of the staffers here! Thanks again to THP, the 24 staffers, the volunteers, Bridgestone, Callaway, and Cleveland/Srixon for an awesome event!

  • Alright, just caught up on all the witb videos. Great way to represent your sponsor. It was cool to see what all of you picked as your weapons.

  • These have been fun to watch, love hearing all the thoughts on why the different players chose what they chose. Tough for me to decide what I would choose, great event that I’ve enjoyed following this year.

  • Seeing many of these bags up close and personal all weekend really doesn’t do them justice. All of the OEM’s should be proud of their commitment to this amazing event!!

  • Great job to all of the Morgan Cuppers, with a special thank you to Frank for making sure we all got this done, and done well. You were instrumental in this brother and we all appreciate the heck out of you.

  • Very well done guys! Way to rep the sponsors and lol at TMex having a Cutler football card in his bag.

  • Very cool to go through and watch those videos. The staffers all did a great job not only selecting their gear, but representing it and knowing their equipment. Thank you again to the fine folks at Bridgestone, Callaway and Cleveland Golf for their support of THP and The Morgan Cup.

  • Great job everyone! Love to look back on these videos.

  • That was fun to watch. Like a mini xmas.

    This may be a dumb question, but what are the candy cane looking rods that some of the guys have in their bag? Training aids?

  • Wow these bags are beautiful. I really want some of the clubs in these bags.

  • Awesome, awesome job everyone involved! These bags are looking sick and I know everyone was really happy with how they turned out.

    Jay Cutler for life!

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