Would You Like to test Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Irons?

At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the wonderful forum members and we have another new testing project. One of the cool features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to you guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world. Each month we send out iron sets, drivers, putters, trainings aids and golf balls to our active members to be a part of the THP Forum Member testing.

Click Here to sign up for THP Forum Testing of the soon to be released Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Irons

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  • Awesome chance to test some beautiful irons.. lol at the hmmm whats this, another box.. thanks to THP and Wilson Staff.. DOnt let the name W/S fool you!! they are putting out some awesome equipment!! thanks again!!

  • Awesome stuff! Thanks again to Wilson Staff and THP for an awesome testing opportunity!

  • WOW – those look amazing!! Enormous thanks to Wilson Golf for allowing 3 lucky forum members to test these out! These look right up my alley; thin top line with some forgiveness and a stock KBS shaft. Unreal!

  • This has to the be one of my most anticipated iron releases of the coming year. Thanks THP and Wilson Staff!

  • Oh these look special! What an opportunity from Wilson Staff and THP!

    I’ve played Wilson irons recently and can say that they definitely compete with the more popular brands, so seeing these beauties stack up against the others will be quite a treat!

  • I’m very excited to see who gets to test these new W/S irons. They look fantastic and I can’t wait to see them in person. Wilson Staff has found its way in to my gamer bag each of the last 3 years, these could be another welcome addition in the future. Thank you THP and Wilson Staff!

  • I’m looking forward to hearing about these than just about any other iron offering this fall. Wilson staff makes a great product. Thanks W/S and THP!

  • What some awesome looking irons! Thanks Wilson for letting THP test these clubs. I know the forum members are going to do an awesome job and put these through the works.

  • These are a solid, nice looking set of irons. I can’t wait to hear a just how well these beauties perform for the average Joe like me under everyday course conditions. Thanks Wilson Golf and THP!

  • Very nice looking irons. I must say I have never even considered a Wilson club when shopping for new irons, but everything I have read here at THP tells me they are worth a look!

  • Those look great, Fantastic job Wilson; Can’t wait to see how they perform. Will be some very lucky THPers out there shortly….

  • First off, those irons are dead set gorgeous! Secondly, thank you to W/S and THP for the opportunity, and lastly, good luck to all those that throw their name in the hat. I love the look of these irons, and the fact that so many pro’s are throwing them in their bags speaks volumes about the quality of these irons.

  • Those irons look absolutely amazing. Another great opportunity from Wilson Staff and THP! Cant wait to follow this one to see how they are!

  • Great stuff THP and Wilson. I am a big fan of Wilson’s recent equipment (am playing their TW9 wedges now and have a Fybrid that I swap in and out of the bag on occasion). I really liked the first FG set that came out a year or so ago, and would be honored to test these.

  • What a great looking iron!! Weight centered in the cavity, sleek overall design.. I bet these play awesome. Should be another fantastic round of testing! Thanks THP and Wilson!

  • Seriously? I would love to get my hands on these… should be an incredible opportunity to a couple very lucky individuals! They just look mean, sleek and clean. Thanks to Wilson and THP! Should be a lot of fun!

  • Beautiful irons, thanks to THP and Wilson Staff for another great testing opportunity.

  • What a great opportunity! By far some of the best looking irons on the market! …Seriously…!

  • Beautiful irons, simply spectacular. Thank you again to THP and Wilson Staff for this opportunity.

  • Loving the “Serilously!” comments, Wilson is bring it with the commercials and now with the new FG Tour V2 irons, thank you Wilson and THP for bringing it with this awesome testing opportunity.

  • Another great opportunity! Thanks to THP and Wilson Staff for providing these for testing!

  • These irons look amazing! Wilson Staff really has made a great looking product and I am excited to hear if it performs as good as it looks. Thank you THP and Wilson Staff for another great testing opportunity.

  • I’ve had my fingers crossed for months hoping you guys would have this opportunity available!

  • Great opportunity for 3 lucky people! Can’t wait to hear the reviews really love the looks, thanks THP and Wilson Staff!

  • Great looking irons!! Very cool of Wilson to come back with more Forum Testing! Thanks Wilson Staff and THP!!

  • So awesome. I know THP’ers will do the forum proud with their reviews!

    SESSY irons!!!

  • Awesome Opportunity here again! Thanks to THP for all their work, and Thanks to Wilson Staff for their great work and beautiful clubs!

  • I had a chance to hold these and wow!! lol. They look great and ready to tear up a course. What a great opportunity for some lucky thp’ers!!!

  • Wilson Staff has really treated us very well. Fantastic looking irons and I can’t wait to read these reviews!!

  • Wow they look gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to test them out.

  • Those are gorgeous. Simply put- possibly the best looking Irons I have seen in years.

  • This is a great opportunity for some forum testers. These irons look great and I can’t wait to hear some feedback. Thanks THP and Wilson Staff for making this possible.

  • Thanks to THP and Wilson Staff for another great opportunity to test some irons. I can’t wait to hear the testers results.

  • THP & Wilson Golf a Great Team bringing us members this awesome opportunity. I man enough to say Wilson Golf .I Want Your Babies 😉

  • Man oh man these are smooth looking clubs! Awesome opportunity for some lucky testers thanks to THP and Wilson Staff!

  • Yet another cracking looking product from Wilson Staff. My bag is full of this brand. I picked up some Pi5s second hand about 18 months ago and have shaved 5 shots off my handicap in that time as well as shooting in the 70s for the first times. I’d love to review these irons for THP.

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