Would You Use A Chipper?

Over the last couple of years on the THP Forum there has been talk about shot selection and club selection around the green side area. It is a somewhat heated debate as to whether or not there is a “proper” way to play certain shots and the others are looked at as an inferior play and/or even cheating.

Interesting question goes out to the readers and THP wants to hear from you. Would you use a Cleveland Niblick or chipper style club if it helped you hit certain shots or was more reliable than choosing a wedge or iron.

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  • Yes I would, and gamed 2 of the Niblicks at one time, just gets the job done

  • I have thought about using the Niblick when they were a hot topic on THP a couple years ago, but didn’t want to spend full price for a club I may not like after trying it out.

    Ii think I’ll be checking the used/bargain bins over the holidays and if I find one I’ll buy it and give it a try. If it can help my score, why not?

  • I’m not a fan of em’ but I have a good buddy who gets the ball at the hole nearly every time he pulls the thing out . I call em’ cheater sticks and he calls em’ beater sticks cause he usually beats the people he plays with when he uses it .

  • Interesting question. I have always said that I would play anything that would lower my scores. As someone that misses a ton of greens but misses them pretty close, I would honestly think that something such as a Niblick could consistently have me closer on my chips.

    The next part of the debate is whether or not this takes one of fourteen spots out of service for me for a singular use. While it may depending on how all you choose to use it, I tend to think that consistently chipping closer and saving pars is a bit more important than having a club in the bag that is only good for 205-215 yard shots for example.

    I think a chipper could be a stroke saver. Now am I willing to go through with it and what is the best loft?

  • I would use a Niblick, but I wouldn’t use a chipper. To me they are two totally different type of clubs…

  • I have always been intrigued by the Niblick but have never been able to hit one. Like I always say about every club, I dont care how it looks, I care how it performs and if it helps me lower my score I would use it in a heartbeat.

  • sorry no. not for me.
    that’s why i have a 7 or 8 iron to chip with if needed.

  • I would not, for a couple reasons:

    1. It takes a club out of my bag and wouldn’t be used enough to justify
    2. The same shot can me produced with several clubs in the bag. Get out on practice!
    3. It’s an ugly club

    It will work for many just not for me.

  • I would have to say no for me. If you can produce the same shot (with practice) with one of your other wedges or with a lower iron, then why would you put that in your bag for only one purpose when your other clubs can serve for multiple purposes.

  • No, it is not something that I am interested in. The look does not appeal to me and I am happy with my current arsenal for use in the situations where a chipper would come into play.

    I think that it’s great that they are out there, but just not for me.

  • I have used both and my preference is more towards a Niblick style club. The Niblick was more versatile compared to the chipper. It was a great club that gave me more confidence as I was learning my wedge game.

  • I used one and loved it. It was a wonderful teaching tool in my opinion. I learned a ton about my short game.

  • I don’t think I could use one because I don’t like that putt type technique with a wedge type club, but I can totally see how these would work for a lot of golfers and get them improved and shooting lower scores.

  • Why chip when you can chutt?? (Kidding) I played with a guy the other day who used one of these with decent success. I’m comfortable with my 7/8/9 irons as my go to as tnolan suggested. I could see the appeal of these though…

  • I’m with some others, that’s why I have my 8 or 7 iron to do exactly what the chipper does. Granted, I’ve never used or hit a chipper but I believe it’s about the same thing. Also would take a club out of my bag and I like to carry 4 wedges (including the AW).

  • I have used a Niblick in the past, but don’t have one in my bag anymore. My wife used it for a couple of years but has gotten away from it this past season.

  • If I had room in my bag I wouldn’t hesitate to try one, but I have enough issues using only 14 clubs. I need all my wedges for full shots, so couldn’t replace one. even if I could get completely custom clubs (Dr/Pu, then full shot clubs from 80(64°) to 245(3w) in 15 yard increments), it would be a perfect 14 and no room for a chipper. Getting bugged about using a ‘cheater’ club wouldn’t bother me, just no room.

  • As a high handicapper, I got a Niblick when they came out and it really helped me. I keep it in the bag – I don’t need a 2 or 3 iron.

  • I use my irons to chip. Different irons for different situations, lies, rough,…etc.

  • I agree with many of the comments here. Not sure I would want it taking the spot of another club in my bag when my 7 or 8 iron can do the same thing.

  • I do not use one. I probably should. I don’t hit all my greens in regulation and most teachers teach a putting stroke for chips. It would seem that these work with that philosophy. The argument about practice could be said about carrying 4 wedges. Put the chipper in and learn to use your other 3 wedges for the other shots. I might just have to go get one.

  • Never played one, but I’m certainly not against it.

  • I would like to try one, but without trying one, I would have to say no. I chip pretty well with the clubs in my bag and would hate to give one up for just chipping. But, that opinion could change if I really tried one out for awhile.

  • I would never use one. I have more than enough capable clubs in the bag to do the job.

    Something like a 9 or 8 iron does exactly the same thing.

  • I have used these with pretty good results, but stepped away from that option to add a longer club. May be time to get back to one.

  • I used a Niklick before. Never really got used to it. Cool concept though.

  • Our social media guy swears by his he is fairy good with it but doesnt stop us giving him a good beating.

    Its a hot topic in our office.

  • I could definitely see myself using one of these for some assistance. Maybe I can try one out for you?

  • I would use a niblick because it can be used for other shots as well, but I dont think I would carry just a chipper

  • I love my wedges, but I would sure love to see the effect of a niblick on my game. I’ve never seen one in person so I’ve never been able to try one.

  • No. I take a lot of pride in my wedge game and practice making a wide variety of shots with them. Can’t do the chipper, as much as I love Cleveland.

  • I use it all the time. I have wanted to get my hands on a Niblick but have been unsuccessful. I am just comfortable with in my hands. I love it!!

  • I tried it for 6 months… but the chipper was only good at one thing and i found i preferred, and was more consistent using, an 8 iron with a putter stroke around the edges of the green. Taking the chipper back out of the bag meant i could either have an extra wedge or fairway wood/rescue club in there instead.

  • I currently game the 56* Niblick 2011 version. I mainly bought it for sand shots as I am an awful sand player. While it did help me some out of the sand I was more impressed with how easy the club is to use around the green. I am normally more of a bump and run / low spin player but this club is very easy to get the ball up quickly and lands nice and soft with less rollout. I hear the 2010 Niblick (yellow insert) stops even better because of the old grooves. I did try the 42* version but never got comfortable with it. It went too high for chips and not high enough for pitches so I got rid of it. I am considering trying the 37* as I gamed one of the old double sided illegal chippers for most of my golf career. A 37* would be legal and be even more versatile since it can be used to replace a 9i as well. Downside is finding room in the bag. I’m just not convinced I could pull my 9i for the 37* Niblick.

  • I have a niblick and it is a fantastic club that serves a variety of purposes. For chipping the club is great, it has left me very close to pins and is my go to club from off the green. Like some have said this is different from a chipper in the sense that you can actually full swing a niblick. I was trying to close the distance gap between my 52 degree and my pitching wedge (44 degree) and this club was perfect. The ball flight is nice and high and lands incredibly soft. From the rough the club plays fantastic as well. Some say oh you can yous a 7 or 8 for those chips, but why bother choking up to address the ball when you can just take a normal grip with this club. I like it but to each is own.

  • nope. it works for short shots, but it’s not near comfortable enough for me to hit full shots with.

  • I game three Niblicks. They are not chippers! You won’t hit a Chipper as far as I can hit a Niblick when I need to. Cleveland shows them as Wedges on their web site. For me, they were/are the easiest clubs to get used to in my bag. Very versatile. So if it’s not for you, fine, but don’t knock it. They work for me.

  • Not a fan of the “chipper” style club. I have tried several and just couldn’t get past the look.

    I have a golf partner who swears by his chipper. He uses it in close and will also take full swings on short par 3’s and generally has great success.

  • For 64 years I have sought the promised land and finally yesterday, for the first time in my life, I broke the impenetrable barrier of 80 (two witnesses to an honest 79).

    I can state that I doubt I would have ever accomplished that goal if I had not found an old chipper in a used club box at my home course.

    I estimate it saves me an average of 2 strokes per round on chunks and scalds avoided. Even more important, it brings huge pleasure to put a shot within a couple of feet rather than yards from my target.

    I PLAY golf! This game is thoroughly difficult and challenging without the aggravation and frustration of not being able to devote the hours every day to attain the level of single handicap players.

    To those of you offended or calling “foul” every time your opponent pulls a chipper out, why are you using modern drivers? Why do you have clubs that have loft and lie adjustments? Why do you have game improvement and cavity back irons? Why do you spend hundreds of dollars on clubs? Everyday I see sets of used clubs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for sale. If those were good enough for your fathers and grandfathers then why don’t you play those clubs?

    The fact is 99.827% of us are not scratch golfers but we still enjoy the sport and the challenge. You elitists should be using persimmon woods, steel (or wood) shafts, wrapped leather grips and 1950’s Wilson blades if you’re truly “so concerned” about the purity of the equipment. Also, please, don’t even get me started on the putters many of you elitist’s have no issue pulling out with your fat grips and obscene head configurations.

    Bottom line, I’m using my chipper as one of my fourteen because I know if I miss a green I still have a good possibility of getting on and in. It makes the game fun and exciting.

    Isn’t that the reason almost all of us play golf?

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