XXIO X: A Full Lineup with their Latest Technology

As premium brands go, one of the larger growth runs as of late has been the XXIO lineup. For the last few years, the brand has been exceeding growth goals internally and continues to bring new innovative products with each release. Last year, THP reviewed the XXIO 9 lineup and came away extremely impressed from top to bottom.

The XXIO X lineup has a bit of something for everyone. No, you are not going to find a boxed set for under $500 here, but what you will find are premium products that match up with the premium prices. What was once one of the few games in town at this price level, XXIO has been joined in North America by Honma, PXG, Callaway and Titleist in this exclusive category. Products such as Beres by Honma, Epic Star from Callaway, TMB by Titleist and the entire PXG lineup fall into the same category to give XXIO some competition.

What’s New
XXIO X, which stands for the 10th generation of the product is a completely new design. Featuring what the company calls True-Focus Impact Technology, the goal was to combine a club face with an expanding hitting zone with a shaft that helps get close to that same zone more often. The results so far have been a ball flights that are extremely high mixed with ball speeds that rival anything on the market promoting very good carry distances.

XXIO X Metal Woods
The goal with the lineup has been the expansion of the COR area of the face to make the sweet spot larger and more friendly to higher ball speeds. The company is calling it the Hi-Energy Impact Head which brings a thinner toe and crown area for more speed around the face and a channel along the sole for more speed on low and heel contact. Combining that with cup face construction which has been a huge win for golfers in many drivers and you have some serious tech packed into the new line.

Getting deeper into the design elements, the club has a lightweight crown and they have moved weight deep towards the back resulting in high MOI. However throughout the driver and metal woods lineup, the CG location changes based on the loft selection, to make sure the company has a head for all types of golfers and ball flights.

The second part of the equation is shaft line that they have paired the woods with. Going with an ultra lightweight design is not new, doing so with a high balance point with these materials is. The goal is to promote better and more consistent ball striking for longer drives overall.

Toray T1100G is known to be extremely stable and high strength without additional weight. Adding to that, and shown in the graphic below, XXIO and Toray jointly developed a new fiber using Nano Alloy Technology combined with Torayca, which results in less resin content being used in the shaft. What does all of this mean? Lighter weight without any loss of stability.

The Irons
The story of True-Focus Impact Technology continues in the irons where XXIO has brought in the use of Tungsten Nickel combined with Titanium for a multi-material construction aimed at long distances and large amounts of forgiveness. Using progressive weighting, every Tungsten weight is different and shaped perfectly for each iron, but more importantly is positioned in the appropriate spot for the best CG performance.

The results? High ball flights regardless of where on the face impact is made.

The irons come standard with the Nippon NS Pro 870GH DST Steel shaft that runs just under 90 grams in weight. On the grpahite side, XXIO X features the MP1000 shaft coming in at about 50 grams and features a mid kick point with fairly low torque. You can see all of the pictures in our gallery below and we will have more in hand images coming very soon.

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