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Since the PGA Merchandise Show in January, The Hackers Paradise has been eagerly awaiting some of the new models from Yes! Putters. We had the opportunity to sit down with the wonderful folks at Yes! and learn about what was coming down the pipeline and what makes the putters so special. Each week more and more tour professionals are switching to groove putters and one company seems to be making waves with golfers all over the world. We inquired about reviewing the Madison and it was sent over for us to put to the test THP style.
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From the company:
C-Grooves ‘lift’ the back of the ball to start it rolling forward.
The naked eye can’t see it, but when a regular putter face impacts a golf ball it results in loft causing skidding, side- and even back-spinning before the ball can begin rolling forward on the green. So the ball is more apt to be affected by any miniscule aberration it encounters. Even when struck on the right line, these effects are the principal causes of missed putts. The C-Groove on every Yes! putter solves this problem better than any other putter on the market. Which is why it’s covered by multiple patents. The secret is the 20-degree upward slant of the C-Groove’s concentric edges. Upon contact, these edges grip the ball surface and apply physical forces that simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position and impart and over-the-top rolling motion.

A major MOI value combines with extremely easy alignment features to produce the most forgiving and easy to aim putter yet from YES! Golf. The head is designed using the same manufacturing techniques used to make drivers and metal woods. The pronounced perimeter weighting allows discretionary weight to be placed where it helps a player most, in the back and towards the toe and heel. The long parallel alignment strip on the top of the putter makes it very simple to aim. In addition C-GROOVE technology makes the ball roll end over end sooner thereby producing a more stable roll that “tracks” on line better than the competition. Made in 431 stainless steel, it has a hefty head weight of 360 grams but feels lighter due to the head geometry and weight distribution. Stable and early roll has been proven empirically to improve accuracy and consistency using robotic testing. This putter comes at a standard 72 degrees lie angle and is available up to 37 inches in length.
First Impressions:
When the package arrived we were excited to rip it open and test it out. Our first thoughts were not great. “Kind of plain looking” and “dull” were the words that were being thrown around the office as we gazed at the Yes! Madison putter that was designed for 2009. However after picking it up and messing with it in the office, we think we got a grasp of what Yes! was going for with this one. Sleek and simple design with a phenomenal guide and great weight. We could not wait to get this out on the greens to give it a trial run.
The following day four of The Hackers Paradise testers gathered on a putting green to try out the Yes! Madison for an hour or so. When you first pick the putter up out of your bag, it feels slightly heavy. As if it may bother some with their stroke. I can assure you however, that this putter does not have any issues of the sort. Once lined up to the ball, the putter feels perfect. The alignment lines that the Yes! put on the Madison are as good as any we have seen and make putting easier for most that got a chance to try it out. All four of us came away impressed with our initial testing and looked forward to a more thorough run through the wringer. Each one of us gamed this putter for a period of three weeks and came back with similar feedback.
Look & Feel:
When each one of us started the review process, we all thought the look of the putter was kind of dull or drab. However after 3 weeks of use, we can all say that our opinions have changed. We relate it to seeing an outfit we really like and then trying it on and realizing it does not work. That was this, however the opposite happened. We all ended up very much liking the simple design, and at setup, there are not too many putters out there that look quite like this one. Pictures simply do not do it justice. The only thing we would have preferred was to have the alignment aid done in the Yes! yellow/gold that they have rather than white. But either way, it looked great.

The feel of a putter with grooves is not the same as the super soft milled face that some are used to. However if you take a few minutes to get comfortable with the face of these, you will find a putter that has super response and puts a roll on the ball like few others out there. Do the C-grooves work? Science and labs say they do. In our testing with all the groove putters out there, we also feel as though they do. But we let others be the judge of that part and we stick to the feel and performance factors with clubs. The ball rolled smoothly off of the face each time one of us used it and the sound offers a light “ping” type of noise. A great sound that was well received by all the testers that tried it out.
When it comes to reviewing putters, a lot of factors play into whether or not we ultimately like them. Looks, feel, sound, price tag, and more. However what really matters is performance and how the putter rolls the ball on the greens. Not one of us thought we made more putts with the Yes! Madison, however each tester that played with this putter said that they felt more confident on the putts 15 feet and in with it than their current model. So many of us amateur golfers give away putts in that 8-10 foot range and with this club we felt as though that was really not the case. Setting up to that 10 foot par save can make or break a round and having the confidence to make it is the first key. The Yes! Madison will give you that confidence just looking down on it. All of us loved the performance the putter gives with the roll it produces. There is something to be said about having a true roll and not skipping coming off the face.

I think it is safe to say that all four of us gave it a solid testing for over 24 rounds combined and none of us wanted to give it up. Look, sound, feel, performance, and price are the only things that matter when choosing a putter. When you find one that has all of those going for it, it is hard for us not to recommend it. We highly recommend trying out the Yes! Madison at your local shop. You will be glad that you did. Roll a few putts with it and get used to the look and feel. Within minutes we were all pretty hooked. With a MSRP of $190 the price seemed right in line with what we expected. Then we noticed that they were being sold for about $150 at many retailers online and feel even more strongly about it. If you are in the market for a new putter, please make sure you check out the Yes! Madison. You can read more about this putter or any of the other Yes! models at their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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