Zero Restriction ZR-290X Eagle Polo Review

Bioactivity technology is quickly becoming a popular buzz word in the world of sports and exercise. What is it? Well your body creates a buildup of positive ions when you exercise which is not the energy that your body needs to perform at its best. Well there is a company out there that says it has the technology to minimize these positive ions which could help you play better. Really? Good because I’ll try anything that says it can help my game. Zero Restriction sent over one of their new ZR-290X Eagle polos with this technology in it to THP for testing. I wore this shirt for a few rounds to see if this hype is more than just, well, hype. So did I play better golf and feel more energized in the process? Check it out.

From the Company

ZR-290X Technology is proprietary to Zero Restriction and is designed to help the golfer gain circulation, flexibility, balance and recovery. It’s designed to maintain and sustain the core energy of the body needs to perform. By minimizing the effect of positive ions which the body creates during exercise, faster recovery time and enhanced stamina are possible.

Did You Know?

Zero Restriction is a Pennsylvania-born company that got its start in 1991 making waterproof rainwear for golfers. Also, PGA Players Bo Van Pelt, John Rollins, Hunter Haas, and Charles Warren wear Zero Restriction gear.

Key Features, Technology & Functionality

• Hydrophobic wicking action fabric
• Resists UV penetration
• Rubberized tactile buttons
• 4-Ply knit collar
• Bio-power finish that increases flexibility, balance, and endurance (ZR-290X Technology)

Initial Thoughts

When I first found out that I was going to be reviewing this shirt I was excited yet skeptical. You mean there’s technology out there that can help me feel better, perform better and all I have to do is wear a polo shirt? Sweet! When I opened the box that is was shipped in I was pleasantly surprised to see the color yellow. Not a bold, in your face ‘here I am’ yellow but a subdued yellow which looks like pure class. After all the color of the shirt is called ‘Mellow Yellow.’ If yellow is not a color that is in your golf wardrobe, this may be worth adding to you color palate. If not, there are other colors to choose from in this particular line (Cadet/Blue, Iceberg/Light Blue, Navy, or White). The first thing that you notice about the shirt when you touch it is that it just ‘feels’ different. Other companies have their own moisture management systems and fabrics but this one feels very unique. It seems as if it’s as light as tissue paper. I immediately wonder how this is going to wick my copious amounts of sweat away let alone make me feel better while playing. The size I received was a L and it seemed to fit true to form. For me I like my shirts to fit but not hang or drape over me. For those of you who have both American cut shirts (slightly wider than athletic cut) and European cut shirts (more narrower than athletic) this falls somewhere in between. I think if you’re a size L in American shirts you could wear a size L in the Zero Restriction line. If you go up a size to compensate for narrower European cuts you should not have to do that for this particular line. So how does this shirt and all of its technological goodness stack up against other wicking technology shirts? Only one way to find out, to the course!


Testing apparel is much different than testing equipment but at the end of the day they both have something in common, personal preference. Not every piece of equipment or apparel is going to perform or feel the same from one person to the next. That being said, here are some of the observations I had when I first put on the Eagle Polo. It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all it’s that light. There’s nothing worse than thinking about how your shirt fits (or not) or how sweaty and weighed down you feel when wearing a shirt on the course. This shirt does not conform to any of those notions, I assure you. The feeling that you get from this shirt is like that from wearing a silk shirt, it’s that light and airy. It’s amazing that this shirt has moisture wicking properties. Which work very well actually. I was dry and comfortable for the most part but I could see some temporary issues in more humid climates where the air is heavier and does not allow for the shirt to wick moisture away as fast as you may put it on the shirt. This is where the thin material may work against itself, but overall I was very pleased with how I felt in this shirt when talking about sweating and moisture control. One of the most interesting things about this polo is the fact that the buttons are ‘rubberized’ where they provide extra grip to the touch. Is this ground breaking technology? No, but it’s all about the details and quality in those details that can set a golf shirt apart from others. The Eagle Polo is almost like a ‘dressy golf shirt’ but one that you could wear to the office, the course, the 19th hole, etc. You name it and this shirt will fit right into the situation at hand. Ah but the most important question is, did it deliver on all of its technological claims? Read on my stylish friends.

Usually when I golf I’m a fanatic about keeping myself hydrated and snacking on various things to keep my energy level up throughout the round and especially on the back 9. However for this test I went out of my way to not drink as many fluids or snack as much as I usually do and I have to say that while wearing this shirt I didn’t noticeably feel any different Although I did seem to not be as conscious of needing to drink or snack like I usually do. There weren’t as many of those ‘I need to make sure I drink or eat at the next hole’ moments as I usually have so perhaps it was working for me and I didn’t know it? This would have been the ‘recovery’ aspect of the shirt so my body may have well been recovering faster than it usually does when wearing other shirts. One thing I can definitely say is that I did have a better sense of movement (making turns, etc) or flexibility than I could remember while wearing other shirts though. My driving seemed to be a lot better while wearing the Eagle Pro than it usually is in terms of length and consistency. I think this was due to a better than normal shoulder turn which may have been aided by the extremely light fitting top I was sporting.


For those of you who may have been expecting me to say that this is a magic shirt or that the it has completely changed my game, I’m sorry, it didn’t. Do I think that Zero Restriction is onto something with this technology? Yes. Will I wear this shirt again and make it a part of my rotation of golf shirts? Yes. Overall I think that there needs to be some more testing and a need to compare stats of ‘golf without the Eagle Polo’ and ‘golf with the Eagle Polo.’ I think only then could you determine whether or not this shirt helps you and your game. But if you’re looking for a golf shirt that you can feel good about wearing almost anywhere, click over to and see which style of ZR-290X polo you think may help you and your game. The price for this shirt is $69.50 and if you’re a believer in Bioactivity technology and the methods to harness its power then this top is for you. Keep in mind that results may vary so wear with caution and set your expectations accordingly. It is not miracle polo but it would take a miracle for me to not wear it again!

T. Hanks

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