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Just Joined! Hello Fellow Golfers


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  • Just Joined! Hello Fellow Golfers

    I suck at Golf. Shot a 94 today. With 42 Putts. Does this forum make me better at Golf? Im desperate!

    All jokes aside. Im glad I found this place. GOLF WRX is run like a boot camp. Hoping to find nicer folks on here.

    Anyway how how do I putt better? Tried everything. Can anyone recommend a good read on golf?
    Get. In. THE. HOLE!!!!

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    Welcome to THP. I would take a look inside the instructional forum and check out all the posts. Nothing beats tons of practice. It's the only way you are going to get better at anything.
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      I’ll do that. Thanks!
      Get. In. THE. HOLE!!!!


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        Can always check alignment. Reason I mention it is because I played with a guy Saturday that looked like he was pulling all his putts. Stood behind him on a couple of putts and his putter face wasn't anywhere close to where he was looking, I mean way off. Have seen a few guys do that over the years.
        Driver - Amp offset
        Fairway - Tight Lies 19*
        Hybrid - a7os 3,4,5
        Irons - a12os 6-G
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          Welcome to THP! Ill second the motion to check the swing tips section.
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          Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
          Ball: ERC Soft


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            Welcome to THP!!!

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            Driver: G400
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            Putter: FGP
            Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


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              Warm welcome to you, enjoy your time here.

              About that bad putting, you need a putout matt with trainer. A putting mirror, and lastly several new putters. Have fun!!
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                Welcome to thp!
                Angry Mod

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                  Welcome to THP. Alignment and stroke are key. Some really great threads out there that will help out. Practice as key as Im sure you know.

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                  Wedges: NewLevel M50, 54, 58 120S
                  Putter: CX1
                  Ball: B330-RX


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                    Welcome to THP! One of our writers, Dean (ddec) on the forum just wrote a review on a product called Blast Motion that has really helped his putting. Here is the homepage article and he also discusses it further in the forum thread here
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                      Welcome to THP!
                      Callaway Epic 10.5, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft (R)
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                      Rogue Hybrids (3,4) Evenflow Blue 85 Shafts R
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                      Callaway MD Wedges, 54, 58 Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
                      Putter: Cameron Newport, 34"


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                        Welcome to THP!
                        Driver: GS53 10.5 w/ Accra TZ6
                        FWs: GS53 3W & 5W w/ Helium 5F4
                        VKTR 22* w/ iRoD 75
                        Irons: PTx Pro 5 - PW w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
                        Wedges: Equalizer 50, 54, 58 w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
                        Putter: BHB03
                        Ball: B330-RX / Tour B RX


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                          Welcome aboard!
                          In my Alpha Convoy RTC or Super Swirl stand bag

                          Epic Flash SZ 10.5 Even Flow blue S, and
                          15 (14) and 20 (19) Diamana Red M+60S
                          APEX 23 HKuro Kage Black 80 S
                          M6 5-AW C-Taper 120 S
                          PM Grind 19 54and 58 HI-REV 2.0 W
                          Palm Beach
                          ERC Soft with TTT

                          Proud to be a part of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


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                            Welcome to THP
                            PROUD MEMBER OF #TEAMUNITY
                            WITB Grandaddy Edition
                            GBB EPIC- HZRDUS T800
                            XR16 3 wood- Speeder 665
                            3-PW Apex CF16- XP95
                            Mack Daddy Forged 52,56,60
                            O Works 2-Ball


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                              Welcome to THP!
                              2019 Participant in Ben Hogan Experience!
                              2018 Participant in Ultimate Testing with Titleist!
                              Proud member of Shaft Up #1 and Shaft Up Finale with UST Mamiya

                              TS2 Evenflow White
                              3 Wood- TS2 Evenflow White
                              Hybrid- XR
                              4-PW- 565 Recoil F4 110
                              50/54/58- RTX-3 Recoil F4 125
                              Putter- Bettinardi


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