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  • I tried to post something in the Titleist T100 thread & after a few edits with photos I had to make, it told me it had "flagged it as potential spam"

    what gives?
    The new system is a little extra sensitive to spam right now. I approved the post. We are still working to get the right spam filter in there. It's a process.
    I was told to PM you with my name address about the Modus3 wedge shafts?
    Golfergal -

    Thanks for all you do. May I please get access to the Fantasy Football info?


    Hey Morgan,

    my wife Golfermomma, is trying to change her screen name, how does she do that?
    I missed the bump last night, but I must say the "Huh, that's interesting..." was plenty clever!
    May you make the "age and time playing" post in the check in desk a sticky, it is coming out interesting and might get lost under the new comers posts.
    I'm not very computer literate, cannot figure out how to sign up fot the Charlotte event. Thank you
    I won the US OPEN WINN GRIPS Contest on FB. Check out for the official write up.

    I gave THP a plug on there. Just thought you would like to know !! I'm super stoked to get these new grips on my clubs.

    On a side note, It was great meeting you and JB in Austin, TX. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye because TBT and I left before dinner. Awesome putting a face with the names and get a chance to visit a little.

    Have a great Day !!
    Hi GolferGal.......I know your probably swamped but I was just looking for a status update on the Albatross Club hats. I am anxiously awaiting mine .

    Thanks GG
    Ahoy GG. The outing thread finally got to me. Guess I'm ready for round two. Anyway, I'd like you to add me to the 2012 waiting list for a spot if possible at this stage?

    Just checking in to make sure my information for the Super Bowl contest got to you. I've been having strange computer issues lately and just had to send my laptop back and use my old one for the time being.
    Good morning GolferGal. I can't stand it anymore. These guys are having way too much fun just preparing for the outing. Please add my name to what is probably a lengthy waiting list. At least then I can daydream about maybe sneaking in.

    Thanks, Ken
    seems like a ghost town, can't believe no one has snatched up those many are there for the outing?
    Ready to join a demo day! We have NO demo opportunities here in NE Louisiana, so any chance I can get involved with one would be great! Next year???
    Did you get my PM? I've been having some crazy phone issues. Not sure if it went through or not.
    Did you get my PM with my address? I thought I sent it but then my computer froze and my sent items box doesn't show anything. Just wanted to make sure my computer didn't fail me. Thanks again!
    Your hybrids are in time out? My putter is in time out every round until it actually makes something :)
    Just sent you specs for the Octane Diablo! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
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