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    The Cheese Pizza Thread

    New kid is dairy sensitive so no pizza in this household for the time being. Another item to add to 2020s list of grievances
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Shiny cock! That’s a tough one to get ahold of
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    Your City: The Best and Worst?

    Best: The bars Worst: Drunkest city in America
  4. Girardcorp

    Sweetens Cove

    Had the opportunity to play, showed up and it was under feet of water. Not sure when I’ll be down next but will make it there eventually.
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    Chicago area thread (Northern IL, Milwaukee, Northern Indiana too)

    Yea I think that ended in the early 90s before golf was cool (Tiger era). Course that could, but never will, host the US open
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Work travel ban - in effect. So much for Atlanta golf at the end of the month.
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    Favorite Golf Outing in Wisconsin

    Sign me up for anything at Milwaukee Country Club.
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    Does Your Course Supply Water?

    Our course does. And it creates a lot of garbage.
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    Black Sheep Golf Club

    David Esler designed. Golf pure and simple. No fuss.
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    Hotel Brand of Choice

    Stayed at a Hampton inn last weekend and was pleasantly surprised. It may have been recently renovated though So not a representative sample of the whole portfolio. The Hyatt House i stayed at across from Universal was really nice. I would go back there for sure.
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    private golf access

    I have heard boxgroove is hit or miss, mostly miss. Join a club and have your pro call. Way easier.
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    Traveling and Security

    The dreaded buzzer went off Monday after going through the magnetometer which I knew was BS because I had zero metal on me. Flagged for secondary screening which luckily was just swabbing my iPhone instead of the usual “hello how ya doin”. Whatever. Better than going through the millimeter...
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    Hotel Brand of Choice

    Stayed at a really nice Hampton Friday night and a Hyatt last night. Both will get my business again. I’m fortunate for work travel I can stay wherever I want within cost parameters. Mostly bigger cities so all the super chains are available.

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