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  • Define work? Must one sweat with the endeavor? Then I do not work....neither do you for that matter. If one takes the " I think, therefor I am" approach....then indeed I do...nevermind; I still do not work. I presume ditto for you as well on this point. But dag gum it! I pay taxes!!! Lots of them!!!! Hitherto I do work, I work, work, work, work. Finally, if you count what little golfing I do- Ah, my ace in the hole,- one must surmise that I do indeed "work". As for you.......I'll let you answer that. Dude I am so excited about this trip! Have a good one! B.
    I'll save you the trouble. Jake was chosen to be an Official Tester for THP. First thing off the bat was a new junior set from Cleveland. We just have to document his progress, how he likes the clubs, the performance of them and report back in a thread. Way cool. They should get here this week. Up for the range later in the week?
    This will sound dumb. First, what is a thread? Second, how do I find it? Having trouble working my way around this thing.
    Closet? You're supposed to be sleeping with them. Lukas would love to play with a couple too.
    I forgot to show you the Titleist briefcase that Tee Time Logo (people I order Acuren's ball from) sent me.
    Us too. Thanks again for the 3/5 woods. I wish you would let me give you something for them. I feel really bad.
    So far looks pretty cool. Very slow day here at work. Thanks for dinner last night. We had a good time. B.
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