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    Fiercely loyal to your golf ball?

    Right now I've got some ERC Soft TT, E12 Contact, and Srixon soft feel in my bag. My game isn't in shape enough for testing so unless that changes I'll probably stay with the Srixon since they're the cheapest. If my game rounds into form and I find one is superior for me to the others I will...
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    CONTEST Win This Laser

    Huge thank you @JB and THP! This complete made my day!
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    Cell Phones: Android edition

    I've got the Samsung A51, basically a less tricked out S model. Considerably less expensive and it does everything I ask it to.
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    Would you rather... (blow up hole related)

    I'd rather be pleased with how I felt I played. If I think my game was good but I didn't score I'll feel much more confident next time out. I could certainly luck into a good round and leave the course thinking oh man I'm in trouble next round.
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    Do you still mow your lawn?

    Yeah I mow mine. I don't love it but can't justify spending the money for someone else to do something I'm fully capable of.
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    GPS vs Laser

    I just got Shotscope this year, and definitely like it. I can see a laser being really useful at times, but can't justify the money given how much golf I play (not enough) and how lousy my game is. Oh that bunkers 180? I'll take a 190 club and hit it lousy right into said bunker :LOL:
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    What is your 59 watch?

    Breaking 80 for me. In my younger years I could get to the low 80s but have never crossed that threshold into the 70s. Of course with my current game I'm not too worried about breaking 80 seeing as I haven't broken 100 yet this year (granted 0/1 but still).
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    UST Mamiya LIN-Q Shaft

    I'm curious how the new one plays, it sure does look fantastic to my eye. The version I got last year has been fantastic paired up with my B21.
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    Golf game concentration

    I don't have any earth shattering insight for you but a break may be worthwhile. I'm a rabid golfer, I think about it and live it vicariously through others on here. That being said I don't get to play all that often. Even in a good year I'm looking at maybe 15 rounds at best? If I was...
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    Does your first hole set the tone for the round?

    It's a no for me. My game is average at best, to horrendous at worst. A birdie or par is certainly welcome, but my game will typically circle itself back to the median.
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    tips for overcoming 'hit impulse?

    Absolutely struggle with this myself. I have a tendency to stall out with the lower body after contact.
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    White Driver Heads?

    I really enjoyed my old R1. Until the B21 found it's way into my bag the R1 was the best driver I had played.
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    Afizzle2100’s Grandaddy Prep Extravaganza

    Hell yes bro, you're gonna kill this! Very much looking forward to following along 😎
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    too much socializing on the golf course ?

    I'm all for chatting it up. Played yesterday with a buddy, his dad, and another buddy's dad. We were busting balls, talking all sports, offering words of encouragement when needed, and on and on. I can't imagine playing a round with people I'm choosing to spend 4-5 hours with and not bsing...

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