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    Seattle Golf & Travel show

    The better half and I made the short trek to Seattle for the Golf and Travel show which was held at the Centurylink Field convention center. The Centurylink Field convention center is a huge facility so we had some big expectations given the amount of space the vendors would have. Those...
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    Thank you!

    Just wanted to say a thank you to Andy for doing this for THP. I haven't posted a direct question but I did see some people who had similar issues to me. I followed his suggestions for drills and it is starting to pay off. It's pretty rare when you can find a teaching pro you have access to...
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    Never had this happen before

    The hole: Par 3 17th at Walter Hall in Everett, WA. Group in front of us was a very slow group all day, but we expect that there and didn't say anything, waited until they were fully clear before each shot. At the 17, it was about a 20 minute wait for them to putt out and clear the green...

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