LPGA: WalMart Championship (Spoilers)

Awsi Dooger

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Jan 31, 2009
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Miami, FL
i thought creamer looked good with the socks. im really enjoying the lpga more and more
I thought she looked very good. Miyazato's best look is with the socks.

Sara Brown really blew it with that 76. Anything near par would have rescued her season. Now she needs a Top 35 or 40 this week to have any chance of sneaking into the Top 125 money list for minimal status for 2012. Unless she miracles a Top 5 a la Belen Mozo last week, it's back to Q School and not much margin for error. Last year Sara got the top status on the number at Q School, despite avoiding anything worse than a bogey in 5 rounds. You can't count on something like that again.

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