Well Done Taylormade


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Apr 19, 2016
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Buffalo Grove, IL/Bristol, WI
Back in February I was attending the local golf expo. I purchased a 2016 M1 3 Wood in excellent condition for $139. Last week while at the range practicing I noticed two hairline cracks on the crown. I took it to my local retailer and they sent in just the club head and had me hang onto my shaft and head cover. I got the call from the retailer yesterday that it was ready to be picked up. Just went to pick up my replacement club head and was shocked to get a brand new 2017 full club and head cover! So now I have an extra shaft and last years head cover as extras! Super customer service! Well done TM!

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Good to hear!

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Awesome job by them!
Excellent news

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TaylorMade customer service always seems to come through in these instances. Good to see the trend continues and you were taken care of.
That is awesome!!

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Great Job TM!
Glad to hear it for you!
Cool. Good for you!