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2019 Titleist Ultimate Metal Woods and Golf Ball Testing


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    last year looked like a lot of fun and I am sure this year will be even better. Good luck to those that enter.
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    Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood 20° | Project X Even Flow Green 6.0
    Callaway CF-19 Apex Smoke Combo 5-AW | TT Elevate Tour Black S
    Callaway PM Grind 19 Tour Grey 54°/14 | 58°/12 | TT Elevate Tour Black S
    Toulon Stroke Lab Las Vegas | Chrome Soft **


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      Another quality event at a quality course... 2019 is strong!



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        Wow event sounds awesome and the course looks gorgeous!

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        Driver- G400 Max with Xstiff KK
        4 wood- Callaway Rogue w/ Hzrdus Yellow
        Irons- 4-P Callaway Apex pro 16
        Wedges- SM7 + MD4
        Putter- Odyssey 2CSM


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          Sounds pretty amazing on a beautiful course.
          Driver Maybe something Flash?
          Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
          Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
          Wedges probably some MD goodness
          probably something that rolls awesome
          an awesone ball

          Humbled member of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with Callaway.

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            Sounds like another amazing event at an incredible course. Lots of fun and quite challenging.
            Driver: GS53 10.5 w/ Accra TZ6
            FWs: GS53 3W & 5W w/ Helium 5F4
            VKTR 22* w/ iRoD 75
            Irons: PTx Pro 5 - PW w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
            Wedges: Equalizer 50, 54, 58 w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
            Putter: BHB03
            Ball: B330-RX / Tour B RX


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              I love this! Savannah Harbor is incredible and the city of Savannah is even better. Throw in the ball fitting and the TS line and you can’t miss this event!

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              2019 Granddaddy Participant!
              Proud Member of Team 99 Malort & 2017 Callaway Gauntlet Champs!

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              3 HYBRID: Aeroburner 19* Accra FX-H300
              4-PW IRONS: Z765 2* Flat KBS Tour X-Flex 130
              WEDGES: Vokey SM7 Brushed Steel: 50F, 54F, and 60D with TT DG S400 Tour Issue
              PUTTER: Mullen 2 Brushed Copper 34”
              BALL: ERC Soft


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                I bet this one will be a hot ticket again this year. Savannah is a pretty cool location too, I would never have guessed that.
                Proud Team THP alum in #TheGrandaddy 2018

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                5 Wood: Epic Flash Sub Zero 18* w/ XT60
                Hybrid: Apex 23* w/ 80HY
                Irons: Apex Pro 5-AW w/ Modus 3 Tour 105
                Wedges: 56* MD4, 60* PM Grind w/ Modus 3 Tour 120
                Putter: Azalea
                Golf Ball: Chrome Soft X Triple Track


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                  This is gonna be awesome just happens to coincide with my wedding anniversary! Have fun and good luck folks!

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                  Epic Flash 10.5 w/ Tour AD di7X Orange/white
                  Rogue 3W w/EvenFlow Blue 75 6.5
                  KING F8 2Hyb w/ES SW 780 SmacWrap Black S-Tipped 1/2"
                  KING UT 4I w/ CTaper Lite Stiff
                  KING Pro-Black 5,6CB / 7,PWMB w/CTaper Lite Stiff
                  TourB XW-1 52/08, 56/10, 60/10 wedges w/
                  StrokeLab Double Wide 34" bent to 67*
                  Tour B XS ball
                  2019 Championship Participant @ Firestone CC


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                    In my C130 Cart Bag:

                    Driver: Rogue Sub Zero w/ Project X Evenflow Blue 75g Stiff Shaft @ 43.5"
                    3W: Big Berth Alpha 816
                    5W: Amp Cell
                    Irons: F7 One Length 5-G
                    Wedge: RTX-3 CB 54*/58* (Also carry CBX in 50*)
                    Putter: Huntington Beach #4 34 inch OR
                    SWAG Savage Too Proto 34 inch OR
                    SWAG Handsome One Vice 34 Inch
                    Shoes: ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 BOA (white)

                    Rolling around in my Caddytek EZ Fold V1 cart


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                      Fun times ahead with this event and all events here! Amazing as always and thank you THP for the opportunity!
                      Driver- Epic Flash with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                      Fairway- Epic Flash 3W with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft
                      Hybrid- Big Bertha 4-5
                      Irons- Big bertha 6-SW
                      Wedges- 56/PM grind 60/PM grind
                      Iron Shafts- Recoils
                      Putter- Stroke Lab EXO Marxman & Toulon Las Vegas
                      Bag- Swirl stand bag & Callaway F14 stand bag

                      Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


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                        The hits just keep coming, another great event!!
                        Callaway Epic 10.5, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 Shaft (R)
                        Callaway Rogue 3 Wood Evenflow Blue 65 Shaft (R)
                        Rogue Hybrids (3,4) Evenflow Blue 85 Shafts R
                        Callaway CF 16 Irons 5-AW Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
                        Callaway MD Wedges, 54, 58 Recoil Proto 95 Shafts F3
                        Putter: Cameron Newport, 34"


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                          Sure to be a great time with some learning heaped on top!

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                          Driver TS3 HZDURS Black
                          3W 16.5 HL
                          HB 816
                          Iron 4 - P 565
                          Wedges Volkey 52F, 56F, 60M
                          Putter Yes Sara arm lock


                          • #28
                            Pick me, pick me!
                            In my Alpha Convoy RTC or Super Swirl stand bag

                            Epic Flash SZ 10.5° Even Flow blue S, and
                            15° (14) and 20° (19) Diamana Red M+60S
                            APEX 23° HKuro Kage Black 80 S
                            M6 5-AW C-Taper 120 S
                            PM Grind 19 54°and 58° HI-REV 2.0 W
                            Palm Beach
                            ERC Soft with TTT

                            Proud to be a part of the 2019 Odyssey Experience


                            • #29
                              Ball fitting sounds super cool. Would love to get some feedback on what I should be playing.

                              Is there a fitting process for the woods as well or is it just pick your own awesomeness?
                              In my Cirrus stand bag:

                              Driver: GS53 9* ( v2 CB 7F5)
                              Wood: XD 3w/5w ( Proforce v2)
                              Irons: JGR HF 2 (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                              Wedge: XW-1 52*/56*/60* (Modus3 Tour 105 stiff)
                              Putter: Huntington Beach 6
                              Ball: Tour B RX

                              2019 THP Bridgestone Championship @Firestone CC
                              2019 Shaft Up #3 with @Olympia Fields CC


                              • #30
                                On a trip like this is it a group hotel or you pick your own spot? I assume everyone would be together.

                                Love downtown Savannah, one of the few spots around you can walk around downtown openly with drink in hand.

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