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  • I recently discovered the podcasts and I love them. I signed up a while ago and was kind of inactive for a while and recently logged back of and and am hooked again. I just want to thank you this is a great thing you started. Not trying to kiss butt just felt like I should tell you.
    The recent talk about the banning of anchored putters, has the idea ever been kicked around to have a forum testing with anchored putters? Just to see if they do in fact make golfers better putters? It would be interesting. No to tell you how to do things and I know a lot goes into forum testings from logistics standpoint.
    JB, am I reading it correctly? Mizuno has released the MP 64 line? Suggested retail of $999.00.
    My question might get lost in the forum but I didnt see in the requirements about video editing. I assumed that it would be asked to be kept minimal, but I didnt know for sure.

    hey JB. just wondering if I can pick up my AC hat from you at the Des Moines event.

    Thanks. Dan(dleavitt39)
    Hey JB.

    Just wondering, when will you be closing the team naming contest? I feel for you and GG to have to go through hundreds of pages of names with your busy schedule!

    EDIT: Thanks for the reply!
    Hi JB,

    Now that you are a SC resident I can say that it's better to be on top.

    Thank you.

    I bought a headcover 4 weeks ago but still haven't received it yet. I checked the USPS tracker service and it said it was processed through the sorting facility in Florida on June 22nd. I've heard nothing since. I live in the U.K so I expect to wait a while but this seems longer than usual. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time.

    Michael (imkloot)
    I just found out that you were in Mobile during the LPGA event. Hate I didnt know sooner....would have liked to meetcha.
    your home is in orlando and I'm taking leave in the area for the next two weeks. Where, what, and how much would be a good course to play in the area! I'm not all that great of a player but if you and GG or who ever would like to get a round in I'm up to play any day of the week. I think my buddy MightyQuinn is playing in the area as well. But a recommendation would do just fine. Hope to see the tour van in St. Louis.
    John AKA Under80
    Wassup JB any chance tour van comes to the northeast maybe next year. Kudos to you and GG thx for all u guys do!
    Can you PM me your shipping address? I'll get them back to you as quickly as I can.
    Hey JB, would you mind changing my custom user thingy (signature above avatar) to "Teen Hacker" please? For whatever reason ive never been able to change it without it choosing a preset title (example: "club pro") thx man, 'preciate it.
    Sorry about the post JB. I didn't know that I couldn't advertise my stuff for sale. Now I know. Thanks, have a great day!
    I found a B330-RX with JB written in Sharpie right above the logo. Have you been in Michigan lately...
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