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PUMA Ignite NXT Golf Shoes


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  • PUMA Ignite NXT Golf Shoes

    Canadan and I saw these while in CA and both remarked at how awesome they looked.

    Find total support on the course in the PUMA Men’s IGNITE NXT SOLELACE Golf Shoes. With a SOLELACE closure system for 360-degree support, PWRFRAME with waterproof mesh, and a spikeless design for multi-directional traction, the IGNITE NXT SOLELACE assures nonstop comfort on every swing.

    SOLELACE Closure System
    Super strong and lightweight TPU attached to the midsole allows the laces to completely wrap around the foot for 360-degree support

    Performance Mesh
    An innovative non-stretch waterproof mesh provides support and protection from the elements

    IGNITE Foam
    Revolutionary midsole foam provides superior energy return, responsive comfort and stable cushioning

    Ultra-thin TPU strategically placed in high stress areas for lightweight support and increased stability

    Organically-Altered Traction
    Strategically designed directional lugs in proper zones for increased traction for more grip and power

    Micro-thin TPU film that is vacuum formed around the midsole for added durability and easy cleaning

    In my 2018 #TheGrandaddy THP Event Bag

    Epic Flash w/ Helium Shaft 45"
    Driver 2: XXIO Prime w/
    Custom THP HZRDUS Shaft 43.5"
    Fairway Wood:
    Launcher HB
    Irons: Apex 19 w/ Recoil Proto 95
    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Chrome Soft X

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    They look good. Ill be interested to see thoughts on these.
    In My 2018 #TheGrandaddy
    Alpha Convoy cart bag:
    Driver: Epic Flash
    FW: Epic Flash 3w
    Hybrids: Big Bertha 3/4/5 Recoil ZT9 F4
    Irons: Big Bertha 5-AW Recoil ZT9 F4
    Wedges: 2019 PM Grind 54 Recoil 95 F3
    Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
    Ball: ERC Soft


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      These look phenomenal. Considering they are ignite, Im sure they are crazy comfortable. Look like maybe more stable than the standard spikeless.

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      and THP, thank you so much - cannot wait to carry on THE REAL Tradition Unlike Any Other:
      The Freaking #grandaddy2019 !!!

      In my 2020 ???? Bag
      Drive: Probably something long, forgiving, and dead sexy.
      FW: Driver's baby brother?
      Hybrid: Rocket launcher from all lies, jailbreak goodness.
      Irons: Something from the mad scientists in Doc Hock's R&D labs.
      Putter: Whatever the hell Luke and Sean tell me to use.
      Ball: This could be interesting.

      Huge thanks to THP and for the incredible irons and shafts from #shaftup 3 - fitting and build by the amazing Danny Le. Game and life changing experience.


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        I wonder if i can just set up an automatic paycheck deduction with @littlerat & @masteryagley to save a trip to the stores. These look awesome!!!

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        Driver 9.5* tensei pro orange S
        3+ 13.5* tensei pro blue S
        H85 2H 16* Hzurdus Black S
        Z785 Z785 4-AW recoil 780 Es S
        52* 56* RTX4 recoil 780 Es S
        Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang 33

        Put the tee in the ground and let's see what goes down.
        Pround Member Of 2018 Morgan Cup Team Paradise
        Team Cooking With Curry 2018 THP Championship Sponsored By Budget Golf!
        2019 Distance Powered by Srixon & Cleveland Golf #TeamNoelle


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          Saw these all over social media today. Like what I see and read about them.
          Driver: GS53 10.5 w/ Accra TZ6
          FWs: GS53 3W & 5W w/ Helium 5F4
          VKTR 22* w/ iRoD 75
          Irons: PTx Pro 5 - PW w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
          Wedges: Equalizer 50, 54, 58 w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
          Putter: BHB03
          Ball: B330-RX / Tour B RX


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            I love the look of the second pair of Black and grey. I am curious how the traction is with those.

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            Rogue Draw 11 w/Even Flow ProjectX handcrafted 5.5 75G
            Fairway Woods: Epic 3+ Wood 13.5 w/Aldila Synergy R 50G and Rogue 4 Wood 17 w/ Aldila Synergy R 60G
            Hybrid: Rogue 4 20 Hybrid w/Aldila HY R 60G
            Irons: F9 ONE LENGTH 5 - AW w. Fujikura Atmos 6R One Length
            Wedges: Cleveland CBX 54 RTX-3 CB w/True Temper Dynamic Gold and Cleveland CBX 58 RTX-3 CB w/KBS Tour 90 R
            Putter 1: Marxman Stroke Lab
            Putter 2:Toulon Coming Soon
            Ball: Chrome Soft and ERC Triple Track

            Proud to be a member of the 2019 Odyssey Experience Team


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              Those look nice enough to not be worn just at the course/range. Easily nice enough to be an everyday sneaker

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              Driver- G400 Max with Xstiff KK
              4 wood- Callaway Rogue w/ Hzrdus Yellow
              Irons- 4-P Callaway Apex pro 16
              Wedges- SM7 + MD4
              Putter- Odyssey 2CSM


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                Liking these and in the market for some new shoes, will be considering these.
                2019 Championship Participant @ Firestone CC

                Driver: 2016 Callaway XR16 10.5*
                3W: 2016 Callaway XR16 15*
                3 Hybrid: SLDR 19*
                Irons: 2019 Callaway Apex Irons 4-AW
                Wedges: Mack Daddy 3 56* S grind and 60* W grind
                Putter: TFI 2135 1.0

                Testing Wedges: XW-1 50, 54, 58


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                  I like them. Might like TOMO a bit better, but damn they look super comfortable and functional as a on and off course shoe.
                  Want to know what's in my FlexTech Bag Here ya go!

                  Cortex w/Aldila Rogue Silver 125 Stiff
                  G410 5 wood
                  Steelhead XR Heavenwood
                  Apex 4 & 5 hybrid
                  Apex '19 Combo 6-AW w/Catalyst 100 6.0
                  New Level M-Type 56 & 60
                  Spider X


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                    Those look great. I love the ones I have now. These could be next up.
                    Nexus stand bag
                    Triton 10.5*
                    FG5 13*
                    RBZ Hi Launch 17*
                    Rescue TP 23*
                    G2 Irons 6-W
                    Wedge PMP 56* & 60* Tour Grind
                    Duo U


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                      I love the look but the narrow toe box is causing my feet to cringe. Any chance there's wide options?

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                      Driver: Cobra King F9 speedback 10.5* driver (yellow), tour length UST Helium 5F4 stiff shaft
                      Fairway: Cobra King F9 speedback 3-4 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                      Cobra King F9 speedback 5-6 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                      Cobra King F9 speedback 7-8 wood (avalanche white) with Atmos blue 7 stiff shaft.
                      Irons: Cobra Forged TEC Black 5i-GW. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts.
                      Wedges: Cobra King black wedge 54* (bent to 55*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
                      Cobra King black wedge 58* (bent to 59*), Versatile grind. Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shaft.
                      Putter: Odyssey Exo 7 counterbalanced
                      Ball: ProV1x / TP5 / Snell MTB.


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                        Nice looking!

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                        GBB Epic Driver 10.5 with V2 (thanks THP!)

                        M2 3HL

                        20 & 23 Hybrids

                        XR 6-AW

                        MD4 52 & 56 Wedges

                        Stroke Lab 7s
                        Will be testing
                        e12 Soft -- Thanks THP!

                        Proud Lefty!


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                          They are great looking, however, just not convinced that the mesh will be waterproof. Puma is some of the most comfortable shoes out there no doubt.
                          Driver Maybe something Flash?
                          Fairways Some more awesome Flash?
                          Irons I have no idea what might go in here!!!
                          Wedges probably some MD goodness
                          probably something that rolls awesome
                          an awesone ball

                          Humbled member of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with Callaway.

                          2016 Cleveland Short Game Shootout
                          "Forget the last hole played, you can't change the outcome. Move on."


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                            The lacing system is unique to say the least. These shoes in the regular place version have definite crossover capabilities for wear to and from the course.
                            #MorganCup #TeamParadise


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                              So no disc as an alternative with this lacing system I imagine. I have gotten used to turning the knob and being comfy.
                              Nexus stand bag
                              Triton 10.5*
                              FG5 13*
                              RBZ Hi Launch 17*
                              Rescue TP 23*
                              G2 Irons 6-W
                              Wedge PMP 56* & 60* Tour Grind
                              Duo U


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