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  • Hey Freddie,
    Any chance we could meet this year. Play or lesson? I'll be in Port St. Lucie area on Oct 8-16th.
    braveheart (Mike 203-988-565).
    Hi Tadashi,
    I've been plowing through the SeeMore M series review (GREAT JOB BTW!) so please excuse me if you already covered this 'cuz I'm only on page 32 of 174 lol! (There's a lot of good stuff there!). You said (post #462) that you putt cross-handed.

    Do you still use this technique or did using the SeeMore cause you to change? The reason I'm asking is that - inspired by all you testers, I picked up a FGP and a Si3 and I'm trying to use some of these techniques, but my current putter grip/style is lead hand low. I found that putting the ball forward in my stance so that it's under my left shoulder, and then by just rocking my shoulders & keeping my hands out of the stroke, I get a good roll on the ball.

    What was your experience? And do you still game the SeeMore?

    Thanks for any insights you can share. And - is there an appropriate thread to post these kind of questions to? Let me know & I'll do that as well.

    I wasn't aware of such thread ever existing. I don't know, I was just trying to be less offensive
    I was going by this. . .
    no prob, in that case, do you think we should get rid of this official forum smiley since it's even worse? lol

    Congrats! Very happy to see you make it into the MC! Looking forward to getting a chance to meet you in person.
    I did! Spent it with the family and we had a nice time. How about you?
    The Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are neat if you are into those things. The CN Tower is a popular spot as well. There are some awesome fine dining spots in Hy's Steakhouse, Blowfish on the Bay(Japanese), Rodney's by Bay(seafood), and La Bettola di Terroni are worth a look.

    Is there anything specific that you are interested in? I certainly know the city fairly well.
    I will let you know. I am going to say sometime after the St. Louis outing will be best. Thanks, dude!
    Hey dude. Quick Q. I was wondering if you would be interested in re-shafting my Razr X Forged, with my KBS Tour Customs that I won? And how much it would cost me. I would do it, but I just don't trust myself yet, especially with these Tour's and the fact I can't replace them if I screw something up. I am not talking about in the next month or anything, but soon. Just let me know if it would something you would be interested in doing. I know you did smash up work for some of the other guys, and thought I would throw it your way in you wanted to do it.
    Dang man I would love to, but I already have a round set for that day. We need to play soon though.
    Sweet, looking forward to it even more! I was looking at the forecast for next week it looks like they are calling for rain almost every day. Is this the time of year where it rains almost every day but it doesn't rain for long?
    Works for me, once you know a time let me know, and then one of us can pass that on to W.E. to see if he can make it
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