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How important is the putter grip?


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    I believe it plays a big roll in success with the flatstick. I have tried numerous different grips of various sizes that have come out in the last 4 or 5 years but always so back to a standard pistol Lamkin grip that was discountinued about 6 years ago. Feels better in my hands than anything else I have tried. The vast range of weights of putter grips can also greatly impact the feel of various putters.
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      Im all about the Superstroke Flatso 1.0. Once you find something that feels right and performs its hard to venture away from it.

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        Putter grip size , profile shape, and weight are all very significant.
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          I went from a traditional grip to a Rosemark Thorn to a Tour SNSR Pistol Grip on my M1t Giant, and it was like three completely different putters for me. I liked the Thorn, but the SNSR has quieted my hands and given me much better speed and path control than the other two. It shows up on my scorecard. My last round out, I had 30 putts. My average is 37.

          FWIW, I believe one of the most important elements of putting for the hacker is confidence. You will putt better with a grip if you believe in it than you will if you don't. I am fond of saying, "Believing is seeing."
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            In the past 2 years, I noticed my right hand getting a little twitchy through the stroke and felt a fatter putter grip made it easier to find a grip technique that to keep my right handout of the stroke. I would say personally that for me they take a bit of feel out of the stroke but with my less than perfect stroke, sometimes that is not too bad a thing.
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              Not important for my putting success. I have over 30 putters with at least a dozen different grips and I have never found a grip to make much difference. For me putting is mostly a mind game. When I'm confident I putt well and when I'm not I don't.
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                I think the putter grip is as important as anything else, if not more.

                Grip style aside, the size of the grip can help quiet the hands if thats something you need. It can also take the hands out of the swing and that might be detrimental to some.

                When someone is struggling with a putter I always recommend looking at what kind of grip they are Using and how its affecting their stroke.
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                  For me it was never real important until I switched to Tour SNSR. Now grip means a ton
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                    I tried a number of putters with different grips but regardless of the putter style, I always felt the most comfortable and consistent with the Superstroke 2.0 that is on my current (and previous) putter

                    I think everything in golf is important but how something feels is always going to be important regardless of the club
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                      Ive only noticed a putter grip when I really really dislike the shape or feel. That seems to sap all the confidence away. Ive been pretty indifferent toward most, but it seems that finding one that works and sticking with it might be the best idea.

                      Interesting topic and uber timely.
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                        This subject is a bit of a sore one for me. I currently game the golf pride tour snsr contour pro and the non contour before it's release, It's just perfect for my putting game. In conversation with the mrs about putters, she asked if I wanted to give a few mallet styles a go out of curiosity since I've only played blades. Even though my overall stroke was smoother, they felt horrible in my hands with their stock grips. Makes me wonder how much trial and error people go through all because of the grips that are stock on putters if they normally game something like me or a flat cat.
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                          I'm sure its been said but it's the club we use the most during a round of golf. You want to have a consistent grip/stroke. Finding one that you like will be beneficial, to me.
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                            I think its important and plays a role just like having grips you like on everything else play a role. If it doesn't feel quite right to the individual then its not going to perform quite right. A lot of that is probably more mental then physical but the mental part of golf is so important and sometimes our brains make us do things subconsciously we may not otherwise want to do. That's just my thoughts though and you know more about this game then I will ever know.
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                              The grip definitely aid or impede the stroke you're trying to make. I've been considering going away from a midsize grip on one of my putters.
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                                My preference is to never change my putter grip. I've got about 30 Lamkin i-Line putter grips in the basement and I have no plans of altering grips any time soon.

                                Commitment to hand setup and profile. I am absolute on this.
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