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  • Dan - Is there a current 20% off code for Global Golf? I now am thinking of snagging those Hot Metal Pros. I will justify it as a divorce gift to myself. You know, take away the pain. Ha ha Craig
    I know lol. Your sig says "hyrbid stand bag" I was noting the spelling error.
    Thanks! I can't wait 'til the Mizuno stuff arrives!!! A great extra Christmas present!
    haha it was a heck of a shot. Ironically may be the last shot of my 2012 year.

    But Dan it was a pleasure meeting you, really had a blast down there and would love to do it again, and hey. You can be my flavor of the month anytime you want haha
    I almost shaved the beard and then I saw your comment and it will live another day.
    Man, I need to check this Supporting and winning...go get 'em!
    I think we all will have a great time on Myrtle Beach Dan. It was cold and windy here today but I managed to get 2 hours in working on the short game. It'll be interesting to see how the teams layout for the Invitational.
    Not sure if I sent you a congrat's on being selected for the MC2013's been super busy with work and all. Congrats on being selected Dan.Looking forward to Myrtle Beach in July.
    Congrats on the Morgan Cup Selection man, I can't wait to see how awesome you play, kick Chunky's butt!
    Congrats on being selected for The Morgan Cup! Look forward to teeing it up against you.
    hahahaha.....hey man, can you grab my chipper I think I am gonna wedge this
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