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  • Dude im lovin thr wedge. My best shot today was with it. 90 yard pitch 1/2 swing, landed on an upslope and spun back to 3 feet. Buttery money. Thanks again!
    Yo. Just got home.. The package got to my house on rhe 26th! Hopefully they havnt sent it back to you!
    wussup dawg. by chance did you put a tracking # on el package-o? dude the place i'm staying at is so beautiful. the host has over 200 acres of forest, river, and mountain property, 3000sqft house, 500sqft concrete room about 200 yards away called "the bunker", 3rd deepest lake in the country, tons of boating fun (including my badass self being a total pro at intertubing XD) awesome people, POTATO GUNS! haha! there's even wifi! the lake is called "Ponderay Bay", the city is called Sandpoint, ID. look it up if you want. the lake is said to have US Military submarine's being (still to this date) tested in it. i don't doubt it, it's almost 2,000 feet deep. and the hosts wife is the best cook i've ever meet. the worlds best steaks and burgers. cakes hand made. so friggen delicious. not trying to brag, lol. hope all is well, as soon as i get back home (will probably be leaving this saturday in the morning), i'll send you some pics if you want.
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