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  • I'm a 50 year old civil engineer/construction project manager from east central Indiana. I work for the Department of Transportation with my main area's of oversight being soils/earthwork embankment construction, bridge construction and concrete & HMA pavements, mainly on large road construction projects in Indiana. I'm also a former Fire Chief, 1st & 2nd Class Firefighter, Certified (Indiana) Firefighter Instructor and I also hold Master Firefighting Certificate's in Tactic's, Operations and Investigations.

    I play golf almost everyday and play to a 10 handicap. I play and collect Ping clubs and putters, and I also do my own club work and restoration (winter hobby). I also love to play the guitar, although I'm about a 25 handicap at it. I also spend a great deal of time in the summer boating and fishing.

    I also take care of Ping Golf's collector Facebook page (ThePingCollector).
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