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  • Thanks on the photbucket. I never sell on THP bst because it's so difficult to post pics. I just sell on eBay and take the 10% hit

    Saw your headcover pic. Sweet. What method do you use to post pics on THP ?

    Where in OH are you? I live in North Canton just south of Akron.
    Thanks bro, i am so excited about this i can't even explain it..... i guess you know how that feels! really looking forward to seeing you again and teeing it up down in Myrtle.
    Appreciate it! Can't wait for this whole process to begin. Looking forward to hanging out with Team Hackers as you were all my boys even though I wasn't there! Can't wait!
    Sup dude. Sorry I haven't been able to answer many calls here lately. Its just crazy around here when I am on call. Seems like I'm always at work. Maybe we can hang out some. I'll give ya a shout.
    I see a lot of threads about the various companies participating, but I don't see any info on how to get started.
    Thank you :)
    I don't understand the whole Morgan Cup thing. Just trying to learn the game.

    Your gonna have to let me know when you can travel south for some golfing action. I would love to play again sometime soon. Meet you in the middle?
    You are way too kind my new friend! I work pretty tirelessly on my game each summer, so your comments truly mean a lot to me. I hope we can play at least a few times this summer, maybe even have that goofball Deano tag along with us (assuming he doesn't bring the weather with him)! Keep at your game and you'll see great results I am sure.

    And yeah, that Bettinardi, the J40, and those TM MBs had me absolutely gushing. You are one lucky MCer!
    I'm down for some golf this summer. Interested to see what Danny's game is like outside the simulator lol.
    Thanks man - I am very happy with the way the putter came out!! Bridgestone has handled everything absolutely perfectly, I truly feel so extremely lucky to have them as a sponsor and their collaboration with Bettinardi Golf is unreal. We are so lucky to have putters this early in the process, a mere 5 weeks after selections were finalized!!
    You're doing just fine, buddy. Loving all your excitement about the event too!
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