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  • I play the Diablo 3-wood with the draw bias. I tend to fade the ball so I bought this to compensate a bit for that. I like it. The closed face is off-putting to some but I don't mind it. It doesn't prevent me from fading the ball when I want to either. I play the FT-9 draw bias and I also like it. It is the best driver I have hit. I can still work the ball (as much as I can with my ability anyway). My driver tends to perform differently from all of my other clubs as my driver swing is a little different. When I am striking the ball well with my driver or 3-wood they are a thing of beauty. Even Phil Mickelson uses a draw-bias driver. He uses the FT-9 Tour Authentic Draw-bias driver not yet available to the public. I hope my rambling helped. :)
    Good luck!!!

    Graz-i noticed that you play the Diablo w/draw biased. I'm seriously considering that for a driver but am somewhat concerned about the "draw". I do have a tendency to fade my ball off of the tee and the pro at my local golf shop swears I shouldn't go with the draw version (he says it's something in my mind with a driver, i don't cut the ball with anything else). Just wanted to get your thoughts.
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