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  • Hey buddy. I have the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue SC in my Adams. I have been going through some swing changes and am hitting the ball better, but I am seeing launch angles in the 17* range. If I wanted to knock that down with a new shaft, would the UST V2 be a good choice. Price is a factor, so I am looking at something more in the buget. Thanks for any input.
    Found you a new avatar

    Thanks for reading my post and the comment. It made me mad and I wanted to let him know. I like to come on here, make some new friends, and laugh. I tend to avoid some of that stuff because I don't want to argue, but I think I'll let my negative opinions fly a little more around here. I've been around a little while now, I think I have earned it.
    Looks like $279 is tipped is the going rate on ebay. Might be a possibility later in the summer.
    Hay, shaft expert 1 of 2, where would the cheapest place to get a Matrix 7M3 Black Tie be? I know it's not gonna run cheap anywhere.
    Thanks for explaining to others in the "Rant" thread what they probably should have already known.
    Out of town over the weekend for Garcie's tournament. She played with a terrible cough and did not do well. 88-89. She was pretty disappointed. Busy with work, too.
    no kidding, they're pricy. I think I can get a pretty decent deal from Blind9 though. I'd love to continue to hit these RBZs but the shafts just aren't for me and I LOVE the looks of the 588s. I've been hitting some older Mizuno MP60s lately and I've really been consistent hitting more of a players type iron. The feel is just so good I don't know that I can go back to hitting more of a GI type, just doesn't have that feel.
    Ah, gotcha. That makes perfect sense. I guess in my head it was hard to visualize but comparing the two side by side they really do look very similar in appearance. That's interesting. I think my next set of irons will be 588's, but probably with the stock S300s. I'm finding myself becoming more and more of a cleveland homer.
    Oh ok, I must have missed you buying the I20s then. Are they that similar to the 588 CBs? I'm very interested in the 588s, so was just curious as to why you chose the i20s
    I'm so confused. Are you testing I20s? Did I miss something? I thought you just bought Ci11's!
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