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  • Hey man, you wouldn't happen to be interested in playing at Mountain Dell tomorrow at 12:16pm? Was planning on playing with two guys I work with, but one of em just dropped out last second on me.
    Good deal, thanks man. I'm sure you'll be solid as long as you don't make any major swing changes...besides, I trust you know your way around that course pretty well at this point!
    Hey man there's a discounted voucher on KSL for Ranches right now ($30 including range balls and cart), I was gonna go for it - they don't need to be notified in advance that I'm going to pay with one, do they?
    Did you ever hear back from rtparty? If not, my girlfriend was actually interested in playing with us to fill out our group - let me know if that works.
    OK that's fine - will put Sunday June 2nd on the calendar then.

    The other Utah THP'ers I can think of are LOCHNESS, rtparty, ckkone...ring any bells? I'm not sure where in Utah they're all at...
    Sounds good to me. You can go ahead and make a tee time once you figure out if Tim is coming - any time works for us, but not any earlier than around 9 would be ideal, since it'll take us a half hour to get there.
    Gotcha, just let me know. Definitely wouldn't mind teeing it up with Tim again if we're at Ranches, maybe he can complain about shooting a 70 this time... :laughing:
    Hey man so we are definitely gonna play that weekend, possibly both days so whichever is better for you is great. However we were thinking of running up to Valley View on one of those days, and I know you said when we played a few weeks ago that you really liked Valley View, so wanted to extend to you the offer to come with. I know it would be kind of a long drive for you, so if you were interested, you could drive up and meet us and we will carpool from our apartments.

    Or if you'd rather, we can definitely just hit up the Ranches, and Daniel and I will do Valley View the other day. Let me know what you think.
    Gotcha. I suspected that looking at the map of the course and seeing how far apart the holes were. We will keep you posted on which day of that weekend we're thinking - is either day better for you?
    Hey man, would you be interested in playing with us again down in your neck of the woods (Ranches) the weekend of June 1st/2nd?

    Also we were curious - does the Ranches allow walking?
    It happens - I had a rough front 9, but managed to put together a 42 on the back and shot a 91, which was exactly to my handicap. Dan did really well though - he had a 99, which was a 67 net for him.

    But vodka is so good!
    Hey Greg, had a blast today, even if that course can be a little rough - let's do it again sometime, maybe at a slightly easier course though! Tim is a dead ringer...Mr. "I'm disappointed in a 73" hahaha
    We'll actually be pretty easy to find I think, since at least one of us will probably be wearing a THP hat and/or shirt haha. Looking forward to it, let's hope for some good weather!
    Great! It is under Ryan Civalier (that's me). Btw what are your names? I'd rather not run around asking people if they are I said, I'm Ryan, and hokiegolfer is Daniel.
    Yes, sorry forgot to post it on here. 10:24am on May 4th - apparently the GolfWeek Amateur Tour is coming through in the morning, so that was the earliest available tee time. Hopefully they don't play super slow...
    OK, will do. I have a number of guys in my summer/fall golf league at work as well who would probably be able to fill in if needed. Any preference as to how early?
    I will double check with him on Monday when he gets back in town. We didn't buy vouchers, I volunteer at the ranches and he works there part time so we may get another deal I will just have to have the manager from the ranches call.
    I understand - easier to sell to my girlfriend too :D Would Saturday May 4th in the morning be good then? I can't do the 16th, I will be out of town at a friend's wedding that weekend. If so how early would you prefer, and did you two buy the KSL vouchers? I have to tell them when we make the tee time if we're using vouchers. No rush, I can't make the tee time till 14 days in advance anyways (next Saturday).
    So hokiegolfer actually has a commitment that morning that he forgot about - would the morning of the 12th work or no? We could do afternoon on the 11th, but not sure how set you are on a morning time.
    Saturday May 11th in the morning. If you would let me know when you set the time all the details.
    Not a problem, just let me know. Don't think I can do Sunday, I have plans after the tourney is over, sorry...we definitely would like to come down and play it with you some other weekend, though.
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