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  • gee, two months later now...oops.
    I couldn't imagine playing a dozen times a year. Oh my.
    Houston Lake is amazing. Drove by there the other day and the greens looked awesome.
    I'm a member on base (for now, may end that) and at International since they did that $200/year thing.
    If you do find yourself in need of a playin' partner at Houston Lake some weekend, let me know!
    Hey...I have noticed a few of the Georgia folks on here. How about OleGray getting to test the RBZ? Sweet!!!

    When I get to play it really varies. I live in Warner Robins so around here I play Houston Lakes when I can as it is the best in the area. I really only get to play about a dozen times a year or so and usually those are in scrambles in other towns. I am pretty bad, but love the game.

    How about you, what do you consider your home course?
    Yeah the group of Georgians on here is an amazing assortment of people. KellyBo and MaryC are wonderful, OleGray is awesome too, if not a bit crazy in his old age, and DawgDaddy is the truest of gentlemen.

    So where do you play mostly?
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