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    FS Burner HP 2.0 Irons 4-AW stiff

    FS set of used Burner 2.0 HP irons, 4-AW, all clubs have stock shafts in stiff flex, all clubs except for the AW have white golf pride grips which still have a bit of life on them. The irons all have normal wear on then such as ball marks and the PW has some scratches on the side but they all...
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    FS:Used ATV wedges 52 and 56 for sale

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to sell this set of ATV wedges, they are in ok condition, having some nicks from rocks in the sand so I would like to sell them as a pair for $60 shipped or best offer. They have the stock KBS shafts and Golf pride new decade multi compound grips as well. The dings and...
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    My first "Real" Putter Scotty Cameron Content

    Hey THP, I haven't played in a while or been here a lot in the past few years, BUT I finally have been getting back into golf and decided that I wanted a decent putter. For many years I played a Yes C groove putter that I got for $50 and it was ok, the club just felt lifeless to me, so one day...
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    WITB Mr. Satchmo!

    So I decided that I would also play along and post the Whats in the Bag for Mr. Satchmo. So it's been a few years since I got to play golf, I used to play everyday, and played regularly both with the PGA pro of my home course and took many lessons and course with him. I don't what it was but...
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    Wax Seal Collectors anyone?

    I am a big fan of wax seals and seal stamps, and have a really nice collection of both antique wax seal stamps and custom ones I've had made for myself. Let's see yours if anyone here collects these too, post them below. Here is a ring that I got in Germany many years ago Here is one that...
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    Nice to have you back!! Looks like I'm getting a Les Paul Custom this next week Made in 1996, black finish
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    I finally did it

    Today I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biochemistry after a long 5 years. I had been worrying for the last year about what I was doing with my life after graduation and I want to say that this week I accepted a fully funded position at the University of Texas El Paso...
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    Prayer and positive vibes!

    I am facing a challenge at the moment and it looks like I have an opportunity that will change it around, please send your positive vibes and prayers this way. Thank you to my THP family!
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    Positive Vibes from my THP clan!

    Tomorrow I'm taking my GRE for graduate school, I'm super nervous! Please send some THP positive vibes and prayers my way, they are greatly appreciated!! Thanks to all you awesome THPers!
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    Bose Corporation is fantastic

    So many of you know that my dog demolished my $350 headphones last month, well I finally got a chance to call the company to buy new headphones, today I mentioned that my dog got to mine and that I wanted to place an order for a new pair, well I was surprised what they told me, the guy asked me...
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    Starting the down swing with the butt of the club

    I've been struggling with my game a bit, and I've noticed that when I focus too much on staring with the hips, or forcing the hips on my down swing I block. Today I was messing around and I started just swung. I noticed that when I swung naturally without pondering my hips, I swung better, and...
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    Thanks JF for the awesome gesture!

    So last week I was talking about grips, and I asked what stuff I would need to change my own grips, JF graciously offered to send me an air compressor gun that he uses for his regripping, I am so thankful and gracious to him! Thanks JF for the random act of kindness! Uriel
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    Win a set of customized PURE Grips!

    PURE Grips is giving a way a full set of customized grips to a lucky person (hopefully a THPer): here are the directions: good luck THP! I'd love to see a THPer win, and hurry because this one closes on monday
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    Happy Birthday Bogey_Russ

    Happy birthday Russ, hope it's a great day for you!

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