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  • thanks for the reply mrmcgovs,i do enjoy tinkering with tech and ive done my homework with what shafts would be suitable stock weight wise as a straight swp,the miyazaki 43 i think was a good replacement and with what you say about its ball flight i think it would be worth a try,im all for club fitting as a rule but in the UK places like golf galaxy etc like in the states are non existent here,fittings are done a club pro shops or specialist club fitters who as a rule charge ridiculous prices then expect you to pay for there price ups on shafts head etc that they recommend,i dont know of anywhere here that lets you pay a flat fee to just get your specs printed off that you could then go searching for shafts and the like...hence the reason why i prefer the tinker method,nice meeting you too,ill see ya about..

    lee (halfpennyhacker)
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