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  • I like my CBs, but i don't love my CBs (yet). My swing is inconsistent. My fault is getting handsy/armsy rather than full body rotation. These clubs don't treat that well. I've taken lessons and done much range time since I got them. Trying to get my swing consistent enough to do justice to the irons. But part of why I got the CBs was that I knew they were going to make me concentrate on my golf more than I had been. So that's been a good thing actually. I won't discourage a high handicapper from hitting the CBs, and I intend to keep and use mine. Sound is great - a nice solid THWACK. So in summary, there are some things I really like and some things i don't. The things I don't like are related to my abilities, which I'm working hard to improve. I think the CBs will help in the long run; I felt they'd be a challenge, and I was correct. But I am getting more consistent and I fully believe these clubs have helped that. But it requires patience and dedication.
    I read one of if posts on the CB's and ur profile shows ur a 24. Handicap,do u find these forgiving enough for a higher handicap...also how would u describe ur ball striking? Thanks- CM
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