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  • I wasn't sure if you were offended or not by my avatar and then I saw the red head posted on your wall and think I am in the clear ;-)
    That's the plan. I have six extra heads lying around to practice with first, two also blue after practicing that on em too.
    Nope. Just practiced with em. Didn't take long to decide they are better than the ATVs. So now they are getting gun blued withan oil can finish and a nice new v-sole.
    Sitting in hydrochloric acid at the moment. Chrome is going bye bye.
    No I was in Traverse City visiting the kids. Went to the proshop to hit some ball with the son in-law
    This thing was still in plastic saying Milo take me home with you.
    So I did lol
    I don't dislike the background, except for the fact that I dislike redheads. I will not marry a woman with the same hair color as me. Luckily that's only 1 in 30 people or so. And it makes all the messages confusing.

    I like that you bag is 100% Pro-THP OEMs.
    try saving it to your computer, sending it to Flickr, and then change the picture size and post it
    yeah it is! Si is pretty dang funny! i was going to put a picture of him with a caption saying something along the lines of "And that's that, Jack!" as my avatar, but i couldn't find anything, lol
    It's 14-way. Really nice to have a slot for each club. It's heavy though... The bag is probably 8 lbs alone. The straps are so comfy though you don't feel the weight. If you want 14-way, get the Grom. The Recoil is no better IMO. Just a little fancier. If you want lightweight but with functionality and 8-way traditional (woode?) dividers, get the Nimbus.
    Agreed. I have trying to change it for the past 15 minutes and have only made myself feel dumber.:banana:
    If I ended up getting rid of all clubs of the company of the bag, I'd have to sell the bag because I'm way too obsessive about my golf equipment to have a bag that doesn't match clubs. And in my experience, bag companies make better bags then club companies.
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