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    I just played the most extraordinary par round.

    This morning would mark the 5th round of this week. I played 2 rounds on Wednesday. It's at my home course. It was unplanned, I didn't have to be at work till later so off I went. I hit hit my first approach stiff, it was kick-in range, so tapped in easy bird, great start. Second hole easy par...
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    Longest Par 3 you've played?

    Babe course 7th hole Industry Hills Resort 300 yard from the back to the middle of the green. Usually a 6i irons to the middle of the green for me. Oh! I forgot 6i lay up and pitch to the green. It's a long and pretty narrow hole, driver is a no go:). I usually play from the white but I...
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    Cleveland XL Classic Custom driver adjustment help.

    I have a Cleveland Classic 270, I love it so when I found a good deal on the XL custom I bought it. Mine is 10.5*, I found it to be more forgiving and longer than Razr EXtreme, R1, and RBZ stage 2, but Unlike my other adjustable drivers this one is a bit confusing. Can I increase the loft...

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