Indoor putting green recommendations.


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Feb 9, 2014
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Hanson, Ma
Looking for a decent indoor putting green I can set up in my finished basement to stay sharp over the winter.
There are fancier ones out there for sure, but check out Birdie Ball. My wife got me one for Christmas last year, and while I haven't used it as much as I would like, I think it's great for the money. Rolls up and stores pretty easily when not in use too.
I love my Tour Links.
I've had a Big Moss for about 4 years and have absolutely no complaints about it.
Get more for your dollar with indoor/outdoor carpet imo, but it'll take a little work.
I contacted a putting green company locally and had a 15'x15' green installed - basically the whole floor of my man cave this spring. The putting green material is just high quality indoor/outdoor carpeting. Mine was $950 installed which works out to $4.22 per square foot. I didn't do anything elaborate - no intentional slopes or holes cut yet but there are some subtle breaks. Best thing I ever did for my man cave.


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+1 for the birdieball, great for the price
I started with a birdieball and they work great for the money if you just want a green that is 3' or 4' wide. They are more for a mobile, temporary green that can be moved or stored away, IMO. The problem is it's a foam material that is not nearly as durable as the outdoor putting green material I had installed. You certainly can't walk on a birdieball with golf shoes or a lugged sole shoe. If you want a more permanent solution, the outdoor grade putting green material is the way to go.
I'd probably just be putting in sneakers. My wife would castrate me if I put something large/permanent down there.
I'd probably just be putting in sneakers. My wife would castrate me if I put something large/permanent down there.

Birdieball is a great option for your needs.
Birdie ball putting greens are made of foam, not turf. I here some complaints about them.
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Birdie Ball is a great option.
When I was looking for a putting green my search brought me to three choices. Birdie ball, Big moss and Truline. I was turned off by Birdie Ball because it was foam. Big Moss and Truline are very similar and both get great reviews. In the end I went with the Big Moss Augusta...and had it custom made with three holes. I like that it has three holes because I can putt with several balls and keep changing my line....before having to walk over and retrieve the balls.