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  • Hey Jman,

    You asked how I liked the F6 irons. I liked the feel off the face and I hit them as well as the Cobra Max but didn't get the height I did with the Max. Both clubs had a real good feel and I liked the look at address. They both gave me the confidence to hit them well. I have had two hip replacement surgeries so I don't have the turn I used to so I needed irons that are real forgiving. The Max give me that forgiveness. If I was in my 30's I would have bought the F6. Cobra has really improved their equipment over the last year. Maybe having Rickie Fowler on their team really helped.

    I will be getting them in about a week. I will let you know how it goes with the new irons.

    Hope this helps.

    You don't happen to have a shaft pull from your V series HW laying around would you ? Preferably R flex
    I bought a head and thought it took A .350 shaft which I had a spare .350 but no .335's.
    Let me know

    Hey jman,noticed you game the rbz stage 2 big dog,what are your thoughts on it,considering upgrading from my r11 with aldila dvs shaft..what swing speed do you have and do you think the stock flex are true?
    I was trying the Cleveland Almost Belly at DSG yesterday. As automatic as that means on short putts, on long putts it feels a little out of control. I will probably just end up with a standard length putter and get more used to the stroke. I really like the FGP, simple and efficient design. So I may just keep at it with that, instead of buying a better putting game. I don't know. Golf is hard.
    I have been kicking around the almost belly as a method to quiet my wrists. Without anchoring. But as I thought about it, I might just go with a midsized Golf Pride to do the same thing with out the gimmick. I have been practicing the SPi method at home. I am comfortable with it. I just need to move south to escape the current 33* that my car is reading as the external temp. Btw, we had snow flurries yesterday.
    I'm most likely pulling the trigger on a 39" FGP Nickle Finish Mallet Almost Belly before Christmas time. Thoughts?
    Dude!!! How you been since Iowa? I'm missing it so bad dude!! Are we going to get to see some more JMAN awesomeness at the THP Outing?
    Thanks again, Jman, for the awesome info. Just paintfilled the putter and it's looking great. Hope to give it a roll early this week.
    Don't worry about it, man! Right after I sent that I realized that you were in Iowa, D'oh! Take your time dude. Thanks again!
    JMan, you on tapatalk? Just wondering when you'll be getting me that info on my refinishing project.
    Will do!! I high launched the x100's so I figure the S+ might be right up my alley.. Who knows.. Also checking out old Cleveland drivers to get my hands on a C.Kua 59x.. This shaft thing has my full attention! (which is good, the putter efforts were weak haha)
    Definitely need to swing them, that's for sure.. Did the fitting, said C-Taper in the S+ to help get my ball flight down.. Everyone I've bugged about them thinks they are the bees knees.
    I hear ya man, the one downfall of being a school teacher is how much harder it is to schedule any trips outside of the summer.
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