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The Hackers Paradise, which began in 2008, is one of the largest online golf communities in the world.  The website and mobile app feature news and reviews each and every day as well as podcasts, video segments and a huge online forum filled with golfers from around the world.

In 2012, THP Media added the THP Tour Van. Traveling in this large vehicle across the country to wonderful golf courses, meeting golfers and discussing equipment benefits at each stop. The wrapped Sprinter Van decked out in everything golf is there for our THP events each year.

Combining all forms of media benefits the industry and the consumer at the same time and delivers the most comprehensive coverage available. All of these mediums make up THP Media, your one stop shop for everything in the world of golf.  We don’t just play golf, we live it!

The Hackers Paradise
The THP Golf Mobile App
THP Events
THP Radio

THP, The Most Innovative Outlet In Golf.  For more information contact admin@thehackersparadise.com.


  • The new homepage looks great JB!! Looking forward to all that this 10th year has to offer!!

  • I got a set of 845s off ebay and was blown away! They are kind of worn and I found a brand new set but it is 845fs. What is the difference? I really want to buy the new ones but are they as good?

  • I have been trying to figure out how this was going to work, but was unable to conjure up anything. Michael’s explanation helped greatly. However, I still don’t understand the legality of it all. With the twist face design made to improve accuracy and distance on mishits, wouldn’t this fall under the “game enhancing” portion of the rules of golf?

  • Where can I buy an Adams Idea Hybrid 7 with a 32 degree loft

  • I’ve never owned a staff bag before. My current golf bag is nice, but this bag takes it to another level. I’d certainly like to win it.

  • Where can the club caddy clip be purchased????

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