The Hackers Paradise (THP) is an all-encompassing golf media company with a focus on the golf lifestyle. THP reaches consumers via our homepage, discussion forum, podcasts, and events.  The goal of THP is to bring content to the public that rips through the marketing and bridges the gap between companies and consumers.

THP the website is the number one website for golf enthusiasts that are looking for unbiased reviews, TOUR coverage, and a place to call home in our forum. With weekly contests, yearly golf outings with multi-brand demo days, and multiple Tour Van events throughout the year, THP goes above and beyond to reach its readers and bring the golf industry and consumers closer together.

THP Radio launched in the Spring of 2010 and is a place to hear the latest and greatest from the industry each and every week. There is streaming audio as well as downloadable podcasts.

Combining all forms of media benefits the industry and the consumer at the same time and delivers the most comprehensive coverage available. All of these mediums make up THP Media, your one stop shop for everything in the world of golf.  We don’t just play golf, we live it!