The THP Team


Josh Babbitt


THP’s co-owner, Josh has been around the game of golf for over 20 years spending much of that time analyzing the world of golf equipment. Look for him on the THP Forum as JB, and feel free to reach out to him for any golf questions you might have. You can contact Josh directly here

Morgan Babbitt


Morgan is co-owner of The Hackers Paradise, and she is also a forum moderator. You will see her on the THP Forum as GolferGal. Morgan is a more behind the scenes member of the THP staff, but she is always available and constantly working to make THP the best golf site on the web! You can contact Morgan directly here

Staff Writers & IT

James Miles


James, from Oklahoma, is an avid golfer and a professional educator that studies the science and art behind the clubs that he puts into play. He has a special passion for putters, but also has extensive knowledge in shafts and golf clubs. James will be sharing reviews and equipment commentary regularly for THP. Find James on the THP Forum as jman.

Dean DeCrescenzo


Dean has been a member of the THP community since 2009. He has been to many THP Events and even proposed to his wife at a THP outing, and now he and his wife are new parents to a little boy named Leo. His articles and reviews on various golf equipment and products can be found right here on the homepage. You can also find him on the THP Forum as ddec.

Gary Coad


Gary, an upstate New York native currently residing in Virginia, is a low-teen handicap with aspirations of single digits someday. Gary is happy to discuss all things golf with anyone that is willing to engage. You can also find Gary on the THP Forum as Molten.

Ben G


Ben is head of the IT department. He is always willing to help our members that experience technical issues. He is constantly working to make sure the THP community is running smoothly. You can find him on the THP Forum as TheAnnihilator.

Content Creators

Dan Edwards


Dan, residing in southern Ohio, is a native of Canada. He is a scratch golfer and possesses a great deal of knowledge both about the game of golf and golf equipment. Dan has attended numerous THP events and was selected as Captain of Team Albatross in the 2014 Morgan Cup. Dan used to be a staff writer but has transitioned into a content creator and you can find a lot of his work on the THP Forum and homepage, including his two podcasts Off Course, which he hosts with Rob Miller, and Range Days, which he hosts with James Miles. He is eager to share his knowledge with THP’s readers. You can also find Dan on the THP Forum as Canadan.

Rob Miller


Rob Miller is a 10+ year golf media veteran. He’s fulfilled many roles including social, content, sales, graphics and podcast hosting. Rob hovers around an 8 handicap and is currently his golf club’s Flight A low gross champion. Rob is also the co-host of the THP podcast Off Course alongside Dan Edwards. You can find Rob on Twitter and Instagram at @robmillertime and the THP Forum as HipCheck.

Forum Moderators



Joining us on the THP Forum in mid 2011, Jdtox has been to a handful of THP Events and helps with design work as well. He continues to help keep the THP Community friendly and full of great conversation.

Michael Ward


Known on the forum as mward, Michael lives just outside of Tampa and has been an active member of THP since late 2011. If he can’t be found on the forum or the golf course, he’s either showing houses throughout the Tampa Bay Area or somewhere on Disney property. Michael has been a part of many THP events and served as a team captain in the 2014 Morgan Cup.



Smallville has been a part of the THP Forum since 2008 and is part of the THP team of mods that helps keep the forum organized and family friendly. You can contact him any time with questions or suggestions on the THP Forum.

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