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Which Sport Has the Fittest Athletes?


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    Originally posted by Bucketsofjoy View Post
    They may not have the endurance of soccer players, but it's up there especially if you watch them go through a full rotation. Strength, coordination, control... I think they have it.
    True, but in soccer you're running several miles in a game. It's a different endurance IMO, though they all I'm sure run miles and miles to help keep in shape so it may be a moot point.

    I also want to add a +1 to water polo. Those guys and girls are insane.

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        Originally posted by c.a.eleric View Post
        water polo

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        After playing a lot of different sports growing up, including water polo in high school, I might agree with you. Hardest sport to physically play that I did. Which also includes soccer and lacrosse.
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          Hockey has been the toughest endurance wide for me and it isn't even close.

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            golf of course lol
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              I would say basketball players. Running, jumping, endurance and strength.

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                As myself I played every sport growing up. Hockey was by far the toughest as far as need for endurance and physically taxing. Then I started boxing and that is a whole other animal. Mentally, aerobic endurance, mounting physical damage, maybe mixed martial arts matches it. But in extended round boxing matches, nothing comes close.
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                  A couple of sports you guys probably dont know much about but rugby union and rugby league would be right up there.
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                    There are fit athletes in so many sports it hard to say who is the most fit.

                    When I think fitness, I think aerobic endurance/capacity and for that I would give the nod to nordic skier, cyclists, trialthletes, and swimmers. After watching my son play water polo for 4 years in high school, I'd say they have drills that would test anyones fitness. My favorite one to challenge another athlete who thinks he/she is fit, is putting 3 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket, hold it over you head with straight arms and tread water for 5 minutes. Try it sometime, most athletes who think they are fit can't do it for 30 seconds.

                    Often overlooked for fitness are hockey players and alpine skiers. Hermann Maier would juggle shotputs daily as part of his fitness routine. He certainly had the strongest handshake of anyone I've ever met.

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                      I'd have to say soccer with all that damn running around.

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                        After doing soccer, track & field, crew, swimming, and water polo, I'd also have to give the nod to water polo as the toughest.

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                          Australian Rulles Football, it's basically just a fitness contest now
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                            Define "fit".

                            The answer is Hafţór Júlíus Björnsson.
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                              Soccer comes to mind first and hockey was triggered by a post but I think gymnastics is the sport that has the fittest.
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                                Crossfit athletes come to mind
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