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  • Liverpool goalie....LOL
    Man, I just saw this. Yeah, it wouldn't be a Liverpool goalie if he didn't screw something up in a big way.
    Organization wanted to go all in on a quienstionable deal, GM didnt. Something broke. Reim is James Reimer, the current goalie.

    Go Leafs Go!
    If you can break yourself of the habit of breaking your wrists so much and almost slapping at the putt on long ones and get to stroking it with your shoulders in control, you'll see wonderous differences and most importantly a CONFIDENCE gain. I really believe that.
    If you can ingrain a shoulder rock and quiet those wrists down, particularly on your longer putts, it will help you alot from what I've seen buddy.
    I think you'd like it. I really think you need to embrace the SPi method too, could help your putting a TON especially form a confidence standpoint. Why the almost belly?
    That makes sense, I remember you talking about that in Iowa. Much much better than any Morgan Cup could be for sure! Such a gift. When is the actual due date?
    Thank You!!! I appreciate it. I want to do so well for this event so that it gets to continue for others. So did you submit a video this year? If so, good luck! Thanks again!
    lol I was going to post it where you said something like you hit the ball 300 yards which is farther than most pros? you should be teaching us lol

    it's cause that guy said he doesn't hit it straight but if he does he hits it 300 yards lol
    You are that guy on the forum dude, you're always confrontational and if you're not you really come across that way man. You always seem pissed.
    They are very nice folks. I've been there a couple of times, very helpful. I stopped by there(as well as good ol Mr Golf) just last week when I had to go to Sturgeon Bay for an interview. Royal St Patrick's looks like a great course, is that closer to Appleton?
    I have no doubt this is going to be great. This is better than I could have imagined. I had a blast last summer testing the Boccieri three wood, as I see you're having this year.

    saw this while browsing the bay....
    I totally agree. Like I said, I do think he did take the PEDs, but I hope this just simmers out and blows over. I think it would be better for the league that way.
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