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    Youngstown, OH Fall Outing (Formerly Pine Lakes Outing)

    The 3rd Annual mecca of THPers to the NE, OH area is in the early stages of planning. Looks like it's going to be in October again and will probably be two days again as well. The course will be Pine Lakes Golf Club in Hubbard, OH. ( Included in price...
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    WTB - Putters

    Looking to buy 4 putters for a charity tournament that I sit on the board for (National Alliance on Mental Illness). I don't need anything to be top of the line or brand new in the plastic, but something that is in good condition, and doesn't have a ton of noticeable wear. Obviously, these...
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    How to Handicap 2 man Scramble Teams w/o Est. Handicaps

    Playing in an annual get together this weekend and we are trying to figure out a way to handicap a two man scramble teams. We have some relatively good golfers and some absolutely terrible ones. Two guys who are relatively good are paired up together because they only see each other once a...
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    Signing Tour Pros: Your Take

    If you had a limited tour pro budget, or at least a set amount that you felt you could comfortably spend, how would you go about signing tour pros for "your" golf company. There's no set budget, but it's probably going to be unrealistic for you to to sign 5 top 50 golfers at 3 million a piece...
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    I need to see some pictures of these. I have a 17° trimetal sitting in my basement, been looking around at shaft pullers on line, and I really would like to tinker with it.
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    WTB - 2013.Callaway US Open , Open Championship Coins

    Looking for the 2013 US Open and the Open Championship Callaway coins from last year. Trying to complete the collection! Thanks guys!
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    Toughest Tee Shot For Amateurs? The 2014 Morgan Cup Opening Tee Shots

    Ahh too much fun watching all that again. Thanks Josh and Morgan. I am looking forward to the event coverage.
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    FS - Odyssey Tank Cruiser 330M 38"

    Looking to move my extra 330M I used to help prep for the Morgan Cup. I now have two of them and really don't have use for both! The putter is in pretty pristine condition, used only for about 2 months. No scuffs our marks, and the head cover is in great shape too. Comes with weight kit and...
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    Tyrant (Spoilers)

    Did anyone catch the first episode last night? Just watched it on the DVR, it looks like it has some serious potential.
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    PA/NY/OH/IN/MD/MI 2014 Gathering - Pine Lakes Golf Club - Hubbard, OH

    It was so much fun last year that we are bringing it back for another year! We had 20 guys descend upon Pine Lakes Golf Club last year in Hubbard, OH for some Trackman Fun, Range time, SPi Instruction and a little competitive golf with some great prizes. Head Pro Chris Carfangia is excited to...
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    Lessons, Practice, Equipment - How Do They Rank in the #JourneyToBetter?

    This isn't a Srixon related thread, but just a general opinion question on how you would break down what you feel has made the most difference, or is the most responsible for your improvement in the game of golf. Everyone says get lessons, everyone says get fit, everyone says practice, but what...
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    WTB - MR Kuro Kage 60 Black S Shaft

    Looking to snag a Kuro Kage Black in Stiff flex, doesn't have to be brand new and pulls are absolutely fine. I am going to put a Callaway adapter on it, so if you have one that has one already, great! But I know that is a very slim chance of happening. Thanks everyone!
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    MY PARTNA kc720!

    Just wanted to give Kang a shout out, we all know he is super generous in lending equipment out for guys in the MC and just in general. Well he sent me some MD2 wedges and X2hot hybo and a Bertha Alpha to play with until the MC in July. He also sent a Bertha driver and a Bertha 3 and 5W, but...
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    FS - Bettinardi Queen B Model 3

    Looking to move my Bettinardi Queen B Model 3, it's in great condition and was used for probably 25 rounds last year. Length is 35" with standard loft/lie. There is one small hole in the head cover shown in the pictures below, barely noticeable. Looking to get $275 OBO for it. Only trade...
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    WTB - Driver/Hybrid/FWs/Putter

    Hey fellas, I sit on the golf tournament board for the local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Chapter here in Erie County, PA. We are in the midst of planning our second annual golf outing in June and I have been tasked with gathering a few prizes together. Instead of going and...

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