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  • Not yet, buddy. The weather is just now breaking here in Ohio, so I hope to get the swing kicked into full gear quickly and go in for a Trackman fitting by months end. I will make a thread with my findings and thoughts after!
    Thanks for the advice. Do you ever feel like you have trouble putting from long range with this method? I contacted Chris Knoblach (his video is on the home SPi page - & he puts LHL but switches to regular grip for long putts. Just wondered what you thought.

    Hey Grins,

    Thanks for following along and reading through the thread. I still use my MSeries and yes I still putt left hand low. My SPI instructor Chan Song also putts left hand low. I'm able to use all the Seemore methodology with a cross handed style. My stance has gotten taller and my eyes are positioned over the heel of the putter at address. It has made me such a better putter.

    Once you get the methodology and find that it works without a shadow of doubt you'll never get away from it. Keep working at it and feel free to update us on your progress.

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