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  • Saw your titleist volt paint fill. What brand of paint is that ? Looks awesome.
    thanks man, I was in a similar situation about 5 years ago, it was crazy I couldn't do anything without thinking about her and you know what all I could so was move on and keep my head up high, turns out she realized later what she was missing but hey by then I had moved on and realized there was more to life than just her

    It's crazy she moved away for college a while ago and I ran into her the same day you PMed me about your stuff. It was weird to see her but now I know it was the right thing for me. Regardless of what you think you should do, make sure you soldier on and keeo your head up high, I turned out ok haha and I know you will to man!!!
    I own a few Gibson Les Pauls, this one is my favorite it's a Les Paul Traditional and it's one of the non chambered models so it weighs 10 pounds-all solid tone- and it has some amazing 57 classic pickups-basically a recreation of the PAF from 57 her name is April

    Wow... never even heard of these. Looks awesome! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks man!
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