Been awhile since updating and have been keeping things mostly consistent through the last couple months. Did have one really off week where I struggled really badly and didn't even come close to shooting 800 for 4 games. o_O

Had a 279 game as highest in last 11 weeks out. Spare shooting has been the best I have ever had, single pin leaves I am 98% conversion(127/129) with the 2 misses being 10 pin in one night, was just off.

Am at 220 average overall and spare shooting as mentioned above is the one shining thing for the season. Through 116 games, have 7 total missed single pins with 97% conversion rate over all, 291/298. All of the misses were 10 pins.
Awesome!! Hope they did well in State! 🔥

Thanks mate. They placed 12th of 16, so not real good, but a good experience for them all.
🚨🚨 New high series!!! 🚨🚨

Had a 671 last night, which bested my previous high by 10 pins! I went 183, 258, 230 with 23 strikes. Had 5 total opens on the night including a 7 pin and a 10 pin (plus a washout and 2 splits), but I really felt in the zone the last two games. I did get some very fortunate strikes, but I'll take it since I also had a few ringing 10s as usual. The team we played had some killer bowlers (223, 215, 213, 241 averages), but we somehow took 3/4 points from them.
🚨🚨 New high series!!! 🚨🚨

Had a 671 last night, which bested my previous high by 10 pins! I went 183, 258, 230 with 23 strikes. Had 5 total opens on the night including a 7 pin and a 10 pin (plus a washout and 2 splits), but I really felt in the zone the last two games. I did get some very fortunate strikes, but I'll take it since I also had a few ringing 10s as usual. The team we played had some killer bowlers (223, 215, 213, 241 averages), but we somehow took 3/4 points from them.
Nice series man!!
700 series coming soon. (y)
Had my highest 4 game set ever 2 weeks back. 258-242-269-276 = 1045

Previous high was a 1037 which included a 300 game and an 811 series the first 3 games. Since we bowl 4 games, the last game does not count for honor scores if one is bowled.
Very inconsistent league night for me yesterday.

115... Felt like I never bowled before.
196... Felt like I knew what I was doing.
159... Felt like it could have been better, but I was pretty happy as that is my average.

Our once a month league is done. Going to pick up a new ball this summer as mine is at least 20 years old and has far too many nicks, holes and miles on it. It's been a good Purple Rhino since I was gifted it as a used ball during my first league a long while back. But I'm ready for something newer and lighter....
Fall/Spring league starts tonight, which will be my 2nd long season.

I had a pretty pitiful summer league, so hopefully things turn around for me a bit. Our alley just went through a $1.5m renovation and today is the first day they open back up, so I'm pretty pumped to see what it all looks like!
League started up a few weeks ago and missed posting up the first few sessions.

Started out week 1 shooting really well, very surprising considering I only bowled 4 games all summer long as I take summers off. Shot 912 for 4 games, very consistent with games of 232,221,223,236.

Missed week 2 asthe better half had a birthday so we did dinner instead.

Week 3 picked up where I left off in week 1 with an 875 with a high game of 267.

Week 4 carry was horrific, way too many 9 counts on the day, 820

Last week bit better but still too many corner pins. 876 for 4 with high game of 236. Missed a 10 pin, first of the season.
Pretty solid night of league last Thursday.

889 series for 4 games - 244,206,237,202.

Missed a 10 pin in game 2 and had a Big 4 split in game 4 that I almost converted. Slid the 6 pin ove and it took out the 4 pin, had the 7 pin wiggling. :cool:
I have had a terrible start to the season, so I ventured into a different pro shop closer to the house to see if they had any insight since my average is down like 30 pins from last year and my strike % is a lot lower. She immediately saw my ball and said "you weren't fit here, were you?". To which I replied "no".

Basically, the pro shop attendant said that my current fit is not ideal for me. She changed my inserts, opened up the thumb hole a bit and I bowled for about 20 minutes. Truly some of the best balls I have thrown in the last 8 months. Not sure what has changed in my game over the last several months, but something wasn't right. Hopefully this gets my game back on track to where it was heading a year ago, but I definitely got a nice education in the 45 minutes I was talking to her.
Catch up on posting last several weeks.

October 19, got a new ball, the Roto Grip Magic Gem.
First game out was not a good one, but with a new ball I always need a game or 2 to get some lane shine on it and see what it can do. Shot 180-256-244-222 = 902 series. Needless to say, I think I am going to like this ball.

October 26, continued with the new Magic Gem
Struggled with carry and also missed moving on games 2 and 4. Still a good result. 259-214-235-195 = 903 series.

Missed November 2nd due to work.

November 9, The center has been working to put new lanes in over the last month or so and are finally completed. My first time on these new lanes. Continued with the Magic Gem through practice and liking the new lanes and how it's reacting. 234-248-247-264 = 993 series!! 2 opens on the night, 6-10 leave and picked off the 10 from it, LOL! Other open was a 4-7-10 split.
I haven't really posted much this year, I've been slumping badly. My average has dropped from a high of 192 to 182. The last couple of weeks I rolled it better, but just couldn't carry strikes. Two weeks ago I left 10 ten pins over three games and only picked up 4 of them. Then last week I had 7 frames in a row dead in the pocket and only 2 strikes. I didn't even crack 500 for the series. I was talking to one of the other guys in the league and he suggested I get the ball resurfaced. I've had it for the last 3-4 weeks of 2021-22 season and all of last year and then this year. What I read later online was that you should resurface every 60 games or every season.

So anyway, I took it back up last Wednesday and had it resurfaced (it's a Storm Phaze 4, by the way). Last night I shot 222-188-209 for a 619 series. I left 2 ten pins all night, one of them being the last ball I threw for the night and I converted the other one. Man, did that feel good!
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Another good week with the new Roto Grip Magic Gem. I don't often say this about a ball, but this one is really incredible. Extremely controllable. I may have to get another and have it drilled for a different look when needed.

Started out the first two games with some unlucky carry on some really tight lanes, they then opened up for some good finishing games on the night.

215-217-257-243 for a solid 932 series.
With how well I think I have been rolling the rock, I decided to enter into a weekly Monday handicap tournament that the center runs.

Tournament is four games across four pairs of lanes and then cuts to the top 4. The top 4 move on and first place bowls one game aganist second, third bowls one game against fourth. Winners face off for the final game.

For the first two qualifying games I was on fire with 21 of 24 strikes. 269 games one and 279 game 2. Things were looking really good.

Game 3 started out with some back row leaves and a 236 game. 784 series through 3 games!!

Caught a really bad pair and some over under reactions. Could only try to grind and stay clean and finished with a 176.

I ended up qualifying 2nd, so I made it to "extra innings". Was going up against a lady who gets 51 pins per game...yikes. First couple frames she was in pocket and getting some carry, I just kept rolling my game and started with front 6 and catching some of those 51 sticks that I was immediately behind. She had a couple opens and I kept my striking until I got real fast and left a bucket, She left a split and I closed her out with a 265 game.

Onto the finals and I was going against a younger kid that was getting 44 sticks. Another hole to get myself out of. He was bowling way better than his 170 average. Needless to say I could not make up the gap and still had a good game with a 225. The kid had a few opens, but was able to string a few strikes together and with his 44 sticks it was close, but he got me by 12 pins.

All in all a good tournament performance and made some cash!!
Haven’t posted in here in a minute. Back at it for this winter season. Not going super great early on this year, never seen so many 10 pins as I have at this house is borderline ridiculous. I’ve been waiting on a couple new pieces to hopefully get things rolling good again. Just heard the oil machine has been broken and could explain why the lanes have been so crazy the last few weeks.
Another not so great night scoring wise but enjoyed bowling the other team. An example of how my night went.

Game 3
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 8.17.56 AM.png
Another good week with some great bookend games.

257-182-217-280 = 936 series

Middle games really fought transition and finally figured it out in 10th frame of game 3.
This new ball I got back towards end of October has been money for me. Roto Grip Magic Gem has been amazing for me.
24 games total so far, and averaging 238. :eek: :cool:
Threw the ball well last night but still just couldn't score as well as I would have liked. 660 - 204, 234, 222. I bowl anchor on our 5 man team our 4th bowler leaves a pocket 7-10.....I'm on a double heading into 10 and so do I :cautious: :mad: was not happy.
Just got a couple new pieces, an Eternity Pi and a Hustle Rip. Next week should be fun