2010 Driver Shoot Out is Coming

THP is going to start the 2010 year off with a bang and do a NEW DRIVER SHOOT OUT. THP Shoot Out formula is a simple one. Take the drivers from each company and let consumers try them out and measure things such as distance, accuracy, look, and feel with certain categories being weighted more heavily because in the end, it is about performance.
Over the next few weeks, you will “get to know” the participants as we will be posting bios and interviews of the golfers testing the equipment. Every shoot-out is broken down into handicap groups with low, mid, and high handicaps all being represented so consumers can identify with the appropriate group. Not a single tester in the shoot-out platform is affiliated with THP or an equipment company. Strictly volunteers in the local area and if you are in our area, contact us to become involved in future Shoot Outs.

We have sent invites like we always do, to all the top drivers out there. Here is a list of our invites we have sent.

*Wilson Staff
*Tour Edge
Bobby Jones

* Denotes that they have already accepted the invitation and are sending drivers in for this huge event.
We will keep you updated on how this is shaping up and currently we have a tentative date set for Mid-January to do all the testing.

If you want to see a company invited that is not on the list or have any questions as to how these are done, please do not hesitate to ask and we will get an invite right out to them.

The new Bridgestone e7 golf ball will be used for every single swing and every shot will be measured using Bushnell GPS and Rangefinders for the ultimate in precision.

This is shaping up to be our biggest DSO (Driver Shoot Out) that THP has ever done and we think that everybody will enjoy reading about how the new 2010 products fare overall. Most of the drivers in this event will be pre-release and the companies are really looking forward to get consumer feedback and reader feedback on every club that is scheduled to be tested.

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  • I have been waiting for shoot out season!

  • OK, I had to laugh at the first picture…
    I can’t wait to hear about the new gear and get everyone’s opinion! I wish I could be there!

  • me too – I was hoping for a “biggest explosion” catagory.

    Just curious – why was the e7 ball chosen ? What is your loft of choice ?

  • Have just read your Hybrifd shoot out so can’t wait for a similar piece on the Big Dogs.

    Any chance that you could include a couple of smaller makes that offer clubs with good shafts / grips but at a lower price?

    MD Golf and Benross come to mind. However, they’re both GB/Ireland-based so not sure if you can get your hands on them over there?

    Have fun!

  • Looking forward to this one. Your shoot outs are like no others and every manufacturer should jump on board!

  • Looking forward to this shoot out.
    Any chance that you will test the new Callaway FT-iZ?

  • Looking forward to the shoot out. Hope they try the FT iZ – I bought one last week & love it, however my mate tried it but says its too light for him.

  • The shootouts (any of them) are some of my favorite events on the site. Most likely there’s no new driver for me this year but it is still fun to see how people like the new clubs.

  • Thank you all for the comments. To answer a couple of questions, the e7 was chosen because in our testing it offered a great penetrating ball flight that had virtually no ballooning off the tee. While this event is strictly based off the tee, we felt as though it was a good combination.

    Small companies are invited and we have a couple involved already such as Piranha, Fourteen, and more.

  • Prediction: Cleveland Launcher DST tests VERY high.

  • I hope Mizuno, Cobra, and Bobby Jones get in on the fun. I’d like to see how my MX-700 stacks up against some of the others in your test.

  • Court,
    Mizuno has said they would like to be a part of this test. However it would not be the MX-700, it would be their new 2010 driver. As long as production is done in time, they will be a part of it.

    Cobra will be in on the action most likely.

  • Mike Rausch has it right. I played several rounds with the Cleveland DST with the Mitsubishi Red Board shaft and it does test very high. In fact, I found it too high for my liking. I will be interested to see how it performs for your testers.

  • As usual, this site gets it right. Looking forward to this one as I loved the hybrid shoot out. No bull around this place. Loved the magazine by the way.

  • Great ! Thanks for the update

  • I cannot wait to hear how this one comes out. It looks like a great list and judging by the forum, even more companies are jumping in.

  • I have played many different brands of drivers. I would like to see Bang Golf drivers included in this Shoot Out. I have owned many of their drivers and absolutely love them. The longest of the tee I have ever hit. Would like to see them compared to the brands more used on the tour. May see some tour pros use them after the results.

  • Hello, you can send all drivers to me and I will test them and let you know which is really the best! Thanks, Tim

  • […] This is where you can read all about our Shoot Outs and what to expect in this one. […]

  • Where’s Nickent? I really love my 4DX draw driver.

  • Steve,
    Nickent is out of business, sorry.

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