2011 Cart Bag by Keri Golf & Adams Idea Tech V3 Set

What if I told you that you could get a gorgeous high-end golf bag and it has the option of coming with state of the art equipment geared specifically for women? One of my favorite golf bag companies, Keri Golf, has teamed up with Adams Golf to introduce their 2011 designer cart bag collection. What is so unique about this partnership is that the consumer can not only get one of the top quality and fashionable golf bags on the market but they can also get real ladies golf equipment. Not men’s clubs painted pink, but ladies equipment that has technology built into them with the female golf game in mind. When I first heard about this partnership a couple of years ago I was thrilled, I couldn’t have thought of a better pairing then Keri and Adams. So when we were asked to do a review on not only the newest collection of Keri Golf cart bags but also on the Adams Idea Tech V3 Iron Set that comes with it I was thrilled. Before I get into the golf bag I want to touch on the iron set.

From The Company
These sets feature the very latest and greatest from keri golf and Adams Golf including the Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Irons, honored with the 2011 Editor’s Choice from Golf Digest, along with the aerodynamic Fast 10 Driver and Fairway Woods. The designer cart bag features an abundance of pockets and premium materials that puts these sets ahead of all others.


Set Makeup
• Driver, 3FW, 5FW, 7FW, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, PW, SW, P

The set makeup says that it is an all hybrid set but they 7,8 & 9 clubs look and feel like irons but have the forgiveness and distance of a hybrid. I had the chance to play a few rounds with these clubs and several range sessions and I came away quite impressed. I currently play a game improvement iron set, because my game well, needs a lot of improving. I honestly never thought I would find clubs that would go longer then my current irons but I did. The irons felt and played like a hybrid but with the appearance of an iron which is great for me because I sometimes struggle with hybrids. When I look down I see a fairway wood and then I immediately think that I cannot hit that club off the fairway. I’m a mental case, I know it. What shocked me the most from this set were in fact the hybrids. As I just mentioned I have struggled with hitting hybrids because I have this weird mental block but I was able to hit these hybrids pure and straight. Sure I had a few topped shots (that’s my usual miss with hybrids) but I was able to hit these far better than I could have ever imagined. I gained a significant amount of distance, but more importantly I gained confidence. I wasn’t afraid to pull the hybrids out of my bag and for me that is worth its weight in gold.

I thought the driver was OK, it didn’t wow me. There isn’t really anything wrong with the driver, it just didn’t suit my game very well. My claim to golf fame is being long off the tee. It’s about the only thing consistent in my golf game and with the Fast 10 driver I seemed to lose some yardage. A big factor could be the shaft, however, because I have recently graduated to a ‘big girl’ shaft and that might have been the problem. I love the sound it made and I really enjoyed the way it looked at address, but for my particular game this wasn’t the best club for me. However, with the performance of those hybrids and irons I would buy this set in a heartbeat and just switch out the driver. I liked the putter that it came with as well. It has a great alignment aid and had a good sound at impact. All in all I think this is a fantastic set of clubs and whether you are looking for the bag/club combo or just a new set of clubs I would highly recommend taking a look at the Adams Idea Tech V3 set. Adams has put so much research and development into their ladies equipment so whether you are a beginner golfer or someone who has played for years they have options and technology to fit your game. To learn more about the Adams Idea Tech V3 set visit the Adam Golf website here.

Keri Cart Bag

I want to start with a little back story to better explain just how much I love this Keri Golf cart bag. Back in 2008 my now husband purchased a golf bag for me as a surprise gift. Hidden inside one of the pockets of that golf bag was a box, and in that box was an engagement ring. So you can imagine this particular bag he bought me carries a ton of sentimental value and I swore I would never use another bag again until that one had fallen apart. Fast forward three years and I am publicly writing that I have made a switch. I never thought it would happen but the Sarah Cart Bag by Keri Golf has stolen my heart. Don’t worry, I am still married and I still have the ‘proposal’ bag but it is no longer my gamer.

The first thing that you notice when you see this bag is the brilliant royal blue color. It’s so sharp, classy and sophisticated. The blue and white floral design has the most feminine appearance and adds a lovely softness to the bag. Also included are the headcovers, and not just a driver headcover but one for every metal wood in the bag. They are gorgeous! They are blue with white lettering and the same blue and white floral design seen on the bag. These headcovers are the glue that pulls the irons and bag together. I love that they feature a zipper making it a breeze to get them on and off the clubs. This is the perfect example of fashion and function working together in beautiful harmony.

I could probably go on and on about the headcovers but the main attraction here is the cart bag. It has 14 full length dividers, 10 pockets, a detachable valuable purse, an umbrella holder, bungee cord and more. My previous bag did not have full length dividers and now that I have experienced them I can never go back. Nothing is more frustrating than fighting to get your club back in your bag because it’s stuck or jammed. That used to drive me crazy! Now my bag is perfectly organized and each club has its own place in the bag. My only quam is the absence of an external putter well. This is one feature I have grown to love from my previous bag and something I have taken issue with from other bags. Because I love everything else so much I am able to look past this, but if Keri Golf ever comes out with a bag that also has an external putter well, I will be the first in line to buy it.

With 10 pockets there is a place for everything. Golf balls, gloves, divot repair tools, tees, rain gear, medicine, etc…you name it there is a place for it. The detachable valuable purse is also wonderful because you can simply unclip it and take it with you to the grill room for lunch or drinks with the girls after your round. You don’t have to worry about going to the car or locker room to get your purse or having to shove your keys, phone and wallet in your pockets.

Aside from the beauty of this bag and the abundance of pockets and features it also has something that is very important and that is quality. The fabrics and materials used are top of the line and the minute you touch this bag you know it’s going to last you a lifetime. Some people may feel the price point of $335 is a bit high for a golf bag, and I would agree it is a little steep, but you absolutely get what you pay for here. The quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that is found in a Keri Golf bag is like nothing I have seen before. When coupled with the irons this entire set, clubs, bag and headcovers retails for $1099.99 which I think is a great deal. Irons alone can cost over $700 and here you get the full set of irons, woods, hybrids, a driver, a putter and the gorgeous Keri Golf bag plus the headcovers. I would have expected that price to be much higher. The 2011 cart bag collection from Keri Golf features the Sarah that I have discussed here and the Kate, which is a khaki bag with blue piping. My old golf bag has a nice new home protected in my garage, and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but it has lost its spot on the golf cart to the Sarah by Keri Golf. To learn more about Keri Golf and to see other bags they have to offer you can visit their website at www.kerigolf.com.

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