Adams Releases Speedline Fast 12 Driver & Fairway Wood

Adams Golf announces the new Speedline Fast 12 driver – the fastest, longest and most forgiving Speedline driver ever developed. The Fast 12 incorporates the new Airfoil Design to produce a 460cc driver with 14% less drag for an increase of up to 3 mph in club head speed and, at the same time, a nearly 10% increase in forgiveness.

“The Speedline Fast 12 driver is a significant technological step forward in the quest for large footprint and high MOI driver that also provides the speed of modern aerodynamic designs,” said Scott Burnett, Director of Advanced Product Development for Adams Golf.

Aerodynamic Enhancements
Adams Golf led the industry into the aerodynamic revolution with the original Speedline in 2009 and continues to make refinements for better airflow attachment. The Airfoil Design of the Fast 12 driver incorporates crown elements such as the trip steps seen in its predecessor, the Fast 11, along with new design elements on the sole and skirt of the club that provide maximum aerodynamic benefits throughout the entire swing path. The result is 14% less drag and up to a 3 mph increase in club head speed.

More Forgiveness
The Airfoil design in the new Fast 12 driver provides forgiveness never seen before in a aerodynamically designed driver, an increases of nearly 10%. It has the MOI equivalent to the square drivers of the past, which were extremely forgiving, but had such high drag that they slowed down swing speeds causing much less distance. In addition to its technical enhancements, the Fast 12 features a satin silver crown color to inspire confidence at address.

Adams Golf introduces the Speedline Fast 12 fairway wood featuring the second generation of Velocity Slot Technology (VST). The second generation includes a slot within a slot on both the crown and sole of the club for even more ball speed, unparalleled forgiveness and better launch conditions.

Kenny Perry, PGA Tour professional, became a believer in VST when during his initial test his carry distance increased from 254 yards using his previous 3-wood to 289 yards. “This is the hottest 3-wood I have ever hit,” Perry said. “This thing is a rocket. I gained 35 yards, which definitely made me feel young again.”

Second Generation Velocity Slot Technology
The Fast 12 fairway wood features Second Generation Velocity Slot Technology (VST). Second Generation VST – a slot within a slot – has helped engineers build upon the benefits found in the first generation of VST producing an 11% increase in CT over the Speedline Fast 11, and a 22% increase over fairway woods without a slot. This is because the new slot design in the Fast 12 fairway wood allows the clubface to compress more thus delivering higher ball speed + higher launch angle for dramatically longer carry distance and total distance.

“By placing a slot within the slot, we were able to create a thinner and more flexible structure,” said Tim Reed, VP of Research and Development for Adams Golf. “This creates an even hotter face than we had in the first generation of VST. We also have been able to improve launch conditions even more by designing the top slot to flex more than the sole to increase launch angle without increasing spin.”

Velocity Slot Technology
Adams Golf pioneered the use of Velocity Slot Technology, which first debuted in the Speedline Fast 11 fairway woods and is the only manufacturer to incorporate slots in both the crown and the sole, thereby giving Adams Golf a technical advantage over other designs. In addition to the ball speed benefits of Velocity Slot Technology, engineers have found the technology dramatically improves the launch conditions and expands the “sweet spot” on the face.

“With the improved slot design, the Fast 12 fairway wood delivers unsurpassed forgiveness,” said Reed. “It’s a superior fairway wood with unmatched performance.”

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  • I have yet to see one of these in person but the slot seems a bit distracting from the pictures.

  • Looks very good. I wonder how this will compare with the RBZ?

  • After seeing the velocity slot technology in the a12 OS hybrids, I would love to give these a try.

  • That’s quite good looking. I am intrigued by the velocity slot technology after hearing about it in the A12 OS testing. I’d love to get a swing with this.

  • While I don’t exactly see these as real head turners in looks, I have little doubt how they will perform along with the velocity slot technology.

  • Just from these pictures, I do not like

  • I agree that the slot initially looks distracting but performance over aesthetics when it comes down to it. Looking forward to hearing some real world results on this one.

  • Looking forward to the release date. There are going to be some interesting clubs this spring. Ready to try some of new fairway woods.

  • I’m actually Interested in the performance of these clubs. I’ve never hit an Adams driver and I hear good things about the club. I actually like the look of the clubs.

  • This thing looks pretty sweet. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying these out.

  • The slot is a bit ugly, but I like the finish. Wonder if this can out rocketballz the RBZ?

  • I really want to try this! I love the VST in my hybrids and think this could be perfect for me.

  • I know some guys on Tour have nothing but great things to say about that slot technology. I’m not crazy about the looks, but if it performs then I’d game it.

  • This will be interesting to compare to the RBZ line. If the slot technology really increases the sweet spot why not give it a try.

  • Another strong offering from Adams. Can’t say enough about the clubs I game currently and these look even better.

  • These look great, I really like what Adams had going on.

  • I’ve been looking forward to info on this release. I had the Fast10 and to this day, think it’s one of the longest drivers I’ve ever hit. I can’t wait to demo the fast12. I can’t wait to compare the fw with the RBZ fw.

  • I think the driver looks pretty good, I am a fan of the VST having played the a12OS hybrids and loving them. I am sure these clubs will be solid additions to the Adams line.

  • 35 yards is a heck of a gain. How is it off the deck though?

  • I’ve never hit an Adams driver before but these look sweet and I have always heard the performance on Adams equipment is great

  • Total crap

  • Haven’t even tried the F11’s. Looks good. Not crap at all…i’d love to demo this myself. Anything like this that has proven track record for Adams has to be awesome. Way to go Adams Golf – you win again!

  • Interesting look, I wouldn’t bash the club till you hit it….could be the best thing since slice bread! You never know!

  • The only downside to the new speedline is the shaft options. I found out today that if you are looking for a heavier shaft like I am for the driver (fubuki 73 gram X flex) its another 225 bucks for this upgrade.

    This then puts the driver at $550 plus dollars, same deal for the fairway woods. This is a big downfall for such a great company

  • So many good products in the marketplace, and not all from the big OEMs. Can’t wait to hear more about the slot-within-a-slot as well as what they did to trick out the head design to improve aerodynamics.

  • I like it! I want a new driver so I will be demoing it

  • Not really a fan of the look at first, but I’d like to give it a swing based on the numbers they’re claiming!

  • I actually find the look of the velocity slot encouraging. Ithink it would help me concentrate on hitting the center of the clubface. The technology is really intruiging.

  • I’m pretty intrigued by this driver w/ the Matrix Bowtie shaft. Gonna be trying it out for sure.

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