Albatross Golf Wear Review

For golfers, an albatross is something we all strive for, even if it is seemingly unobtainable.  Thankfully, Albatross Golf Wear has brought the rare bird within the grasp of us mere mortals, even if only on our apparel and accessories.

Albatross Golf Wear is a new company, and I mean very new company, launched in 2017.  Based on the marketing from the company itself, it started as a side business in addition to the daily grind.  Although they are currently a small company and the owners’ dream of turning it into the day job is currently elusive as the company namesake, it could very well be in reach in the future.  Albatross Golf Wear offers an ambitious and diverse product catalog, has excellent customer service, and provides value for the price.  As a result, it could be a company to give a try or, at least, to keep your eye on.

The number of product offerings is truly ambitious – if you expected this small company to only focus on a few, select products you would be very wrong.  With polo shirts, tee shirts, head covers, belts, and hats for sale, Albatross Golf Wear has a lot of product offerings and they sent at least one of each category for review.


The most common and ubiquitous offering from golf companies is the polo shirt and Albatross is no different.  Where they are different is the fabric. Their polos are made of a 90% polyester / 10% spandex blend and this combination allows for plenty of stretch everywhere on the traditional American-style garments.  The fabric is a bit thin but it feels nice on the skin.  Honestly, I struggled to describe the fabric for the longest time until I realized the best analogy of the fabric is a nice pair of yoga pants. While that may sound a bit strange, there is a reason yoga pants are so prevalent and comfortable and applying a similar fabric to a shirt proves equally comfortable.

The design of the polos is a bit limited but also diverse – a few muted designs, a few ombré designs, and a few colorful designs.  Most feature the albatross logo on the chest and a script of “Albratross Golf” near the collar on the back.  While the placement of the logos, the size of the logos, and/or the color schemes will not appeal to everyone, I was certainly a fan.

The tee shirts, like many on the market today, are very soft and really impressed with their 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend that proved to be incredibly comfortable.  Without question, wearablity and comfort will not be the concern with these shirts.  While very comfortable, the logos are quite large, including many offerings with full back albatross logos or giant front logos.  While I certainly do not mind a full shirt design when it makes sense, I believe several of the Albatross Golf Wear logos are simply too large, essentially turning you into a billboard. All of this said, at the prices that were available over the most recent holiday weekend, which many in the forum were able to capitalize on, I think that the tee shirts are a tremendous value.  If you can find a style that matches your personal style and preferences you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

In addition to the shirts and polos, Albatross Golf Wear also has several products that I would not have expected from a new market entrant.

First up for the non-apparel are the head covers.  The head covers are an ambitious offering and they offer both putter and driver head covers, although only in one style.  Neither option is perfect, and both come with some measure of compromise.  For example, the putter cover is advertised as a magnetic closure, and while true, it is not a traditional magnetic closure.  The magnets are located on the outside of the cover and the hold is a little weak, particularly if you do not fully close the cover completely.  Similarly, the driver head cover is properly sized to fit the modern drivers and has a slight taper in the middle to keep it in place.  However, the logo is a bit big and awkwardly placed, which causes the cover to sit a bit lopsided on the club.  While these issues may sound like a recommendation against the covers that simply isn’t the case.  Currently priced at $20, I think they offer really good value so long as you like the design and go into the purchase with your eyes wide open.

As with the case with the head covers, the ratchet belt is a quality offering with a few compromises.  All told, the ratchet belt works exactly as expected and I experienced no issues with its functioning.  I was a fan of the subtle but noticeable logo placement.  The downsides were few and far between, although they were present.  The leather is a bit thinner than other similar belts on the market and the belt metal is a little less sturdy than others but the ratchet belt is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for those who like the design.

Lastly, Albatross Golf Wear sent two trucker hats.  As is common with this style, the hats were both made of a stiff thermoplastic and had a snapback closure.  Albatross offers several designs on its hats, including several designs that do not appear on other products, which should provide you with a few options that you might like.

After seeing several products from Albatross Golf Wear, I see a promising company that is finding its way in a crowded market.  The key to them standing out and getting their products into the closets of more golfers will be providing great value in its products – the company certainly has solid offerings that exceeded my expectations in some categories.  While Albatross is still finding its brand identity, it can truly let the value stand out by providing quality that exceeds the price.  If you can find some styles that you like at a good price, Albatross Golf Wear might just find a way to fly into your closet.  For more information on the brand and its products, checkout their website at

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