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A long putt dropping on 18 gave Charlie Beljan the club house lead and a chance at a playoff. He then fell just short of winning on the 2nd hole of overtime as John Merrick picked up his 1st ever PGA Tour win.

Golfers have been asking about Beljan’s unique bag setup for a couple of weeks now and here is a look at what tools he used this week. What you will notice is no fairway woods or hybrids, but rather his three long irons are from the newest set released by Cleveland Golf aimed at offering solid forgiveness without sacrificing performance.

“I don’t play a 3-wood anymore. I use 2, 3 and 4 iron of the 588 MT. You get the same feel as a solid iron with a much higher trajectory, and I’m getting a couple of extra yards, too”, Beljan said before the start of Thursday’s round.

Driver – Cleveland Classic XL Custom 9* W/ Miyazaki B. Asha 5 Series Shaft
Irons – Cleveland 588 MT (2,3,4) & Cleveland 588 CB (5-PW)
Wedges – Cleveland 588 RTX (52,56,60)
Putter – Scotty Cameron GoLo
Ball – Srixon Z-Star

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  1. Jjmorris says:

    Very interesting with the long iron choice. I can’t hit FW’s very well, but I’m guessing a 2i would be even harder for me. Love the look of the 588 MB’s.

  2. InHartWeTrust says:

    Interesting on the no 3 wood, can’t imagine you see that too often in anyone’s bag (driver to iron)..on or off tour.

  3. Dankil13 says:

    My set up is similar, except I have a 2 and 3 hybrid instead of irons. I found the 4th wedge is more beneficial than the 1 or 2 3-woods I may hit in a given round

  4. Jman says:

    2 and 3 iron instead of woods. Incredible. Truly incredible.

  5. White Rhino says:

    Wow I did not even know a 2i still existed in today’s golf. I am surprised about no fairway wood or even hybrid in the bag but hey if it works ( and today it did) then don’t question it I suppose.

  6. War Eagle says:

    Definitely a unique setup there for Charlie. Driver then straight to the irons. I like it!

  7. Cookie says:

    That says a TON about the versatility of the MT’s. No woods/hybrids other than driver? Crazy talk for a PGA bag!!

  8. Golf Ghost says:

    No woods, very unique indeed. Love seeing the Cleveland love though.

  9. tnolan says:

    quite the setup there…those MT irons must be deadly!
    i loved the piercing sound of that Classic, makes me think i oughta have one and murder it!

  10. freddie kong says:

    You have to have your swing on time to depend on long irons over a 3W or hybrids. I like to see the mixed set.

  11. ddec says:

    quite the mixed set there. Man played some impressive golf down the stretch only to come up short.

  12. TripleBogieTim says:

    very interesting, gotta be a really good ball striker to count on a 2 iron to take the place of a FW.

  13. hoopster says:

    I did the same thing last summer. 3 wood was driving me nuts, got a 2 iron and love it!!

  14. Wicked Cool Bearded Man says:

    Love unique bag set ups!! To each his own!

  15. dhjkelly says:

    No woods. He must be very confident with long irons

  16. Westtex says:

    It’s very interesting to see these guys with no woods are hybrids in the bag. 1st Bubba and now Charlie; guess it truly does make little difference in what you have in your bag as long as you have confidence in it.

  17. Nate says:

    Another B. Asha 5 series shaft being played. Very nice. So lucky to have tried and continue to use this shaft!

  18. Troy Vayanos says:

    Interesting bag set up for Beljan. I not long ago only just started using a 3 wood in my bag.

    I’ve always been a fan of using the long irons. For me changing to hybrids is a sign that you cannot hit the long irons.

    I guess it’s different for everyone but it’s good to see Charlie performing well with the more traditional stuff although it has been slightly tweaked.

  19. bear4ever says:

    Thanks JB! I was wondering about his long irons. I couldn’t tell what he was using. I haven’t seen these in a store yet, primarily because I haven’t been.

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