Cleveland 588 Wedge – Bring it Back

Years ago a wedge hit the market that changed the way many golfers around the world looked at their golf bag and more specifically their short game. Cleveland Golf brought the 588 wedges and it took over golf bags everywhere as the tools players used to score with. Beginning in 2011, THP started bringing the most in depth coverage of professional golfers and what they had in their bags for use with the Tour Spot and it created a buzz again about this extremely sought after wedge.

It appears as though quite a few golfers on the different tours are choosing Cleveland Golf wedges and on top of that, many of them are choosing the iconic 588 as their weapons of choice. That has left many golfers thinking back to this incredible wedge and how well it worked for their games and even looking to find them through other channels. Cleveland has no shortage of incredible wedges with the 2010 version Cleveland CG15 being one of the best wedges out last year as well as the release of the new CG16 hitting stores everywhere over the last few weeks.

While THP readers are thrilled with the new release of the CG16 version of the wedges, the emails have been coming in each week with the question being the same, “When can we see another version of the 588 wedge again?”. Some readers going as far as saying they want to start a petition on bringing back this incredible piece of equipment. What are your thoughts? Did you play the original 588 wedge? If so, we want to hear from you.

Seer what other readers have to say about this classic and iconic wedge here.

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  • I’m surprised to see this club in so many pro’s bags. Not from the standpoint this isn’t a great wedge but there has to be something to it. A lot of the great clubs find a way to stick around. I’ve seen a few in the used bins but when I’m going for a wedge I want a new one in most cases. I’ll admit pro’s playing certain equipments definitely raises my interest. I need to hit this one!

  • You can tell that this club was one of the great wedges off all time because it’s still being used! With all of the advanced technology that has been pushed out by companies over the past few years the 588 wedge continues to have success. This was my first wedge after I replaced my Adams Tom Watson wedges. I would love to to see them back on the shelves.

  • I love this wedge and have to tried to buy some more than once, but it is near impossible to find a good condition one in lefty. They are so popular on the PGA tour and they are for a good reason, the’re a great wedge! I would love to see this wedge be avalable to the average consumer again, as I would love to game a couple of them.

  • I still have this in a 60* that goes back into my bag from time to time. One of the best wedges you will ever play. The grooves on mine are a little worn, after all it is 13 years young now!! I love this wedge and will never let it go!!

  • I’ve seen more knock-offs of this wedge than just about anything ever produced. I actually owned a couple and would love to try the real thing, as I’m sure they’d blow the cheapo’s out of the water.

  • I admit I’ve never played with this wedge but I know a lot of people who did. It sounds like a few of the pros are still using them and if that’s the case then there’s something to them even now! Cleveland, you’re a leader in wedges so start a trend and bring back a classic design with some modern technology and see what happens!!!!

  • The 588 was my first real wedge in my bag, before that I always used the PW that came with my set at the time. A friend sold me his 588 and it was game over for wedges as I knew it! Bring it back!!!

  • Id love to see this wedge come back. I keep seeing this wedge in the bags of pros and wonder why its not available to me? Id love to try one even to the point Ive looked on ebay.

  • I didn’t have this wedge, but my brother in law did. Last time we played (two years ago) he was still using it. I tried to get him to try mine, and he did, but said no thanks and went back to his. I’d like to try them out after he raved about them. but I haven’t ran across any yet.

  • I JUST replaced my 56 & 51 wedges with CG15s. I had them for over 10 years & loved them.

  • In the mid 90’s I was 16, and that was the best wedge ever in my book. My buddy had one and I wanted one so bad. That and that Cameron putter with the terillium insert. Heck if I couldn’t afford the wedge, why did I even bother to dream about the putter?

    Like Bob’s Big Boy, did the Cleveland 588 wedge ever leave? Heck it’s still on the cleveland website, and I don’t mean the archive section!

  • I want to see it come back for sure! I still have mine but they aren’t in the bag, mostly b/c I am a sucker for what’s “NEW” on the market. These may be the perfect wedge. Perfect balance, perfect feel, and perfect versatility!

    Is this seriously a possibility?

  • Newer designs are not necessarily better, they are just newer. What golf companies seem to miss is that there is an opportunity to update older designs, perhaps even with new materials. Let’s see how well the return of the Ping Eye 2 Wedge goes. To me, the 588 along with the Eye 2 are two designs that are difficult to improve on, each bringing their own unique characteristics to the course.

  • i have never hit one sadly, but would love too someday! i say bring it back if its so popular on tour!

  • I have been hearing some buzz about a re-release for the 2012 Product Launch. Stay Tuned!!!!

  • C. Carnahan Vintage forged wedges inspired by the design of this iconic 588 wedges. Why wait for the Cleveland, when you can get a CC Vintage forged wedge for $89.95!

  • THP just posted these images of the CC Vintage forged wedges.

  • I loved these wedges.

  • I loved that wedge. I just took mine out of my bag last summer after having it in there for 5 and 1/2 years. The feel it had was amazing!

  • But is this a wedge for the average golfer?

  • I still have the 56 degree in my bag after many many years. I have many of wedge in my alternate bag graveyard. This one has stood the test of time. I only use it out of the sane though/

  • I still use my 588 56 degree Black wedge and just can’t give it up. Yeah the grooves are a bit worn on it but it still has alot of life left in it. Not to mention the new white GP VDR grip made it my favorite club. If I could find another NEW one I would buy it in a heart beat. BRING THIS WEDGE BACK PLEASE Especially in black or the oil colors!

  • The 588 is the best Wedge ever built. After numerous tests of other brand wedges vs. a vintage 588 my conclusion was – best feel, control and look. In the 90`s everyone from Norman to Woods used them and were not getting paid for it. THe new groove rule to me is a shame and has not changed the game – it only confused the golfers from beginner to scratch…
    T.B., Golf Professional

  • Please bring this back. I have been looking around the internet to try to find some.

  • Cleveland tweeted today a pic of the new 588 wedges! Hopefully in stores soon.

  • I play the 588 wedge and would love to see the exact same design come back. Tried everything else, keep going back to my old 588’s, even though they have no grooves left and no-one will refinish them for me… Please bring back the 588!!

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